24 Hour Fasting - Partial Fasting

24 hour fasting is one of the ways to burn belly fat that gets solid results. Intermittent fasting, one or two times per week is one of the best diet secrets for safe fat loss.

Partial fasting (lasting NO longer than 24 hours) even once per week has been linked to many health benefits including: giving your digestive system a rest to dissolve and remove some of the chemicals that are constantly circulating, suppresses insulin secretion, and reduces cravings for sugar.

Fasting for a 24 hour period is also a key strategy to establish a calorie deficit (more calories burned than eaten over a week/month/year) to lose belly fat and increase ab definition.

By staying hydrated, it is a safe and sensible way to reduce body fat, and can be easily integrated into your lifestyle to provide you positive lifetime benefits.

24 hour fasting is used by both men and women to burn belly fat

24 hour fasting is a key way to burn belly fat

Intermittent fasting is one of the key ways to burn belly fat for both men and women in Eat Stop Eat by certified dietician, Brad Pilon.

Women like it because it is a safe, sensible, and simple program to get rid or belly fat, lose thigh fat, and make their fat loss permanent.

Men use it to enhance their ab definition. They know you can only burn so much fat through weight training and interval running workouts. 24 hour fasting 1-2 days each week helps them get down under 10% body fat without harming their metabolism or decreasing their muscle density.

Partial fasting has been a fat loss secret for natural (non-steroid) female fitness models and male bodybuilders for the last 20 years.

The best strategy for intermittent fasting is to go dinner-to-dinner. It allows you to eat everyday.

You NEVER fast more than 24 hours when using this strategy. It is NOT about putting your body in starvation mode. It is a sensible, proven plan to create a calorie deficit that allows you to burn belly fat naturally and stimulate your metabolism.

Periodic fasting is a key element for a safe, balanced, and sustainable program to lose belly fat.

Achieve your fat loss goals with a proven strategy used by fitness models and natural bodybuilders

eat stop eat is the best 24 hour fasting program To us, the best 24 hour fasting program is presented in Brad Pilon's 90-page eBook, Eat Stop Eat.

It focuses on three significant elements as a way to burn belly fat: (1) Establish a calorie deficit through periodic fasting (1-2 days each week. You choose.) (2) Inclusion of continuous (at least 30 minutes) of daily physical activity...even if it is purposeful walking, and (3) Regular and consistent workouts with weights to build lean muscle tissue that speeds up your metabolism.

* Eat Stop Eat is NOT a short-term "diet" for someone who wants to lose a quick 15 pounds in 10 days or whatever.

It is an integrated, comprehensive, and PROGRESSIVE strategy for men and women who want to look more lean and defined as they make more positive changes in their nutrition plan and workouts.

We recommend it as the most simple way to burn belly fat that we have researched.

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