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Brad Pilon is the author of Eat Stop Eat and one of the most recognized authorities on intermittent fasting for male fat loss. His simple formula to lose belly fat and maintain lean muscle can get you a cut build that women find desirable.

Brad holds a Masters degree in Nutrition and was in Research and Development for a supplement company for 7 years.

He is no hyped-up, phony, Internet guru. He doesn't try to cloud his approach to male fat loss, he keeps it simple: Eat a little less (to establish a calorie deficit), move more, and integrate an intelligent weight-training program.

How much more basic can THAT be?

To us, Brad has the perfect male fat loss program for beginners who are unsure about their commitment to get rid of belly fat.

He makes it simple and keeps his program flexible.

Brad Pilon doesn't make phony promises

brad pilon has a simple and effective nutritional program Brad will be the first one to tell you that some guys cannot handle his program of intermittent fasting. For whatever reason, their self-discipline is poor and they end up consuming MORE calories than reducing them.

* Brad's program centers around establishing a calorie-deficit by fasting for 24-hours. You can do it one day per week or every-other day. It is up to you.

* You will lose belly fat, but you will maintain lean muscle mass because (1) this is NOT an asinine "starvation-mode" diet, and (2) you will lifting weights.

* You will NOT mess up your metabolism because you will actually be eating everyday.

[Here's how that works: Let's say you make your cutoff time to start fasting on Monday at 6pm, right after dinner. You will fast until 6pm on Tuesday, eat a NORMAL dinner...wake up eat a normal breakfast, lunch, and some healthy snacks, then begin fasting again at 6:00pm...until Wednesday at 6:00pm]

Brad Pilon hammers home one central point for getting rid of belly fat...

brad pilon is the author of eat stop eat

* You need to be in a calorie deficit on AVERAGE over time. So for each week, and each need to be under your present amount of calories to start getting the lean, Hollywood look that women today find attractive.

* You must eat NORMALLY on non-fasting days...NOT pig-out or decide you deserve a mega cheat-day.

* It will take a week or two for you to get familiar with committing to intermittent fasting, especially if you have been eating anything you want for the past five years.

* It will take commitment on your part to move more (some form of cardio) and integrate an intelligent muscle-building routine in the weight room.

* You must make good food choices when you go out with your buddies. Three pitchers of beer and six pieces of pizza probably do not fit in that picture.

* You must commit to recognizing what situations will sabotage your efforts.

* A calorie deficit doesn’t have to occur every single day, but it does need to be an average over time.

Any diet will work, as long a calorie deficit is established, yet most are too difficult to maintaing because of all of the calorie-counting and portion-measuring. Brad Pilon's Eat Stop Eat will allow you the best male fat loss success because it is the easiest to follow and most comfortable way to create a continual calorie deficit over time.

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