Bad Carbs

Dieting for fat loss means being aware of bad carbohydrates

Bad carbs is the name given to carbohydrates that are processed, made with white flour and sugar, and spike your blood sugar levels. They will never be championed in a "best diet for fat loss" article.

Bad carbohydrates cause blood sugar levels to fluctuate, making you feel hungry, even shaky...and looking for the closest sugary or empty calorie snack to munch on. Sadly, these are just the kinds of foods you find set out in the lounge where you work: cookies with sprinkles...birthday cakes...glazed donuts and pastries.

Consistent snacking on bad carbohydrates will sabotage any diet plan to burn belly fat. They are a detriment to a sensible diet and weight management program.

Good carbs, on the other hand, are full of vitamins, fiber, and minerals that make up a sensible and healthy diet. They have minimal impact on your blood sugar levels. They include fruits, vegetables, beans, raw nuts, and seeds.

You must be aware of the kinds of carbs you are eating to lose belly fat

be aware of bad carbs The trouble with bad carbs is they have criminalized the existence of all carbohydrates. There are even idiotic diet plans that make you swear off ALL carbs. This not only whacks the chemical balance of your system, it usually results in the individual falling completely off their fat loss program and gorging on trash food.

* You just need to be aware what you are putting in your mouth. (You know the difference between a donut and an apple.)

* If you are going to succeed on any kind of healthy fat loss diet plan, you cannot eat mindlessly. Programs that get the best results help you make positive lifestyle changes.

* Bad carbohydrates are easily distinguished by the color "white." They are highly-refined and most of the fiber and nutritional value have been lost in the processing.

* White bread, pasta, white rice, pudding, custards, cakes, donuts, sweet bakery products, waffles and pancakes all fall into this group.

* Where people get fooled about bad carbohydrates is when the forget about the sugar in fruit juices, fruit drinks, and sport drinks. Water is always your best bet to drink.

*Jellies and jams put on white toast are like putting up a sign that says, "Watch my belly grow."

good carbs include fruits and vegetables Good carbs (also called complex carbs) are rich in natural color...especially reds, yellows, oranges, and greens. They provide you with sustained energy, fiber, and even help your appearance.

* As well as providing on-going energy, good carbs help remove toxins from your system and enhance organ function.

* While bad carbs do not satiate your hunger, good carbs leave you feeling full and satisfied.

* The best good carbs come off trees and out of the ground.

* Like we stated above, fruits, vegetables, nuts, and beans are your best choices for good carbohydrates.

In a nutshell bad carbs are bad...and good carbs are good

* One thing to keep in mind, though, when planning a diet program to lose belly fat is that you can over-do eating good carbs and put on fat.

* Citrus fruits (bananas, oranges, lemons) are high in natural sugar and have more calories than apples, berries, and vegetables. Also, you CANNOT continually eat snacks of sandwiches just because they are made with multi-grain of whole wheat bread.

Diabetes and obesity have skyrocketed here in the United States. They are both directly linked with bad carbs. Just a simple shift in your awareness of what you are eating can help you start dropping inches.

We wish you the best in your goals to achieve a life without fat.

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