What Is The Best Ab Workout?

What is the best ab workout to burn belly fat? Truthfully, there isn't one. If you want to get defined abs, you must pursue a comprehensive program of making good food choices and full-body workouts.

You would not believe how much I get the above question. Sadly, many people refuse to believe that ab exercises create far too little metabolic stimulus to burn belly fat.

They would rather search the Internet for that one magic program to give them rock hard abs that can be seen from three blocks away.

Here are the facts you need if you want to burn belly fat and get the body you want.

what is the best ab workout

* The #1 key to shredding fat from your abs is your DIET. No longer can you eat what you please. Get sugar foods, oily foods, fast foods, and processed foods out of your life.

* Eat foods that are as close to their natural state as possible. Get your protein from solid sources, NOT protein shakes that actually put on MORE fat.

* Stay hydrated. Start drinking more water.

* You do NOT lose fat by doing ab exercises. You lose fat through a positive diet and intense, full-body workouts.

* It took time for fat to accumulate on your abs, so it will take both TIME and focused EFFORT to get rid of it. Forget 2-3 weeks, like some sites claim. Count on 16-24 weeks to see significant improvement.

* Full body workouts maximize metabolic response. You want to engage in strength building workouts that center on multi-joint lifts.

* Integrate interval training workouts into your cardio. No more mindless pedaling the exercise bike. Get outside and train like an athlete.

Instead of asking yourself, "What is the best ab workout I can do today?" ask yourself, "What are the best food choices I can make, and what is the best full-body strength building workout I can do today?"

what is the best ab workout

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