The Lean Hollywood Look

the lean hollywood look is what women find most attractive

Women want men with ab definition and lean muscle

The "Lean Hollywood Look" is what women want in a man. You can NOW burn abdominal fat and increase lean muscle mass to build a body women want to touch.

If you listen to a conversation between chicks on what they desire in a man's physique, you'll be surprised beyond belief.

Their idea of "muscular" is about 180 degrees from ours.

Where we value size and density, they desire a body that is lean and "looks fit."

Why? You won't believe the answer women give...

"Because a body like that looks good in clothes."

Say what??? We bust our butts to look alpha with our shirt off...and they want us to look good in clothes?

Although the bad news is...NOBODY will ever figure women out, the good news is easier to get lean and muscular than it is to put on incredible size without getting fat. You can get Hollywood abs by staying focused.

Getting rid of belly fat and increasing your muscularity benefits you both healthwise and socially.

You can get the Lean Hollywood Look that women admire

you can get the lean hollywood look that women admire and desire Although it will take effort on your part (mostly mental), you can lose male belly fat and get the kind of build women find desirable.

* I say it will take more mental effort because in order to decrease belly fat, you must pay attention to your diet, much like an NFL player or Olympic athlete.

* You will also need to be purposeful in both your strength training and your interval training workouts. It requires a lot of focus.

* Most of guys who played in the movie "300" were in shape to begin with...but even they said controlling their diet was much tougher than the training. (The 300 Workout Routine)

* It will also take mental toughness because changes in your body do NOT happen overnight. They occur over weeks of focused training and attention to diet.

* You will put on lean muscle as you lose belly fat and overall body fat.

* The great thing about getting more that you actually look much more dense and muscular. This is exactly what women want in a man.

Getting the lean Hollywood build that appeals to chicks is well worth the effort. Not only will you look more muscular, you will also improve your health tremendously.

A proven program to get the Lean Hollywood Look

the lean hollywood look is attainable with a proven program like visual impact from rusty moore

Visual Impact Muscle Building is the ONLY program on the market geared specifically to getting a lean Hollywood body.

Rusty Moore, who coined the term, "Lean Hollywood Look" has authored this best-selling proven program that's helped 1000's of guys reach their fat loss goals and build a body that women truly admire. It has attained an underground, rock-star status as more purchase it each day.

* You will learn what foods build muscle...and what foods are too easily stored as fat.

* You will learn why athletes pay strict attention to the total calories they ingest and why portion control is so critical.

* You will learn that weight training for strength is the key to increasing lean muscle mass.

* You will learn the basics of interval training, the backbone of NFL and Olympic workouts, and how these workouts burn belly fat while they ratchet up hormonal activity.

If you've made the decision to get more defined abs, to pursue the lean Hollywood look that chicks fantasize about, Visual Impact Muscle Building will help you achieve the results you want.

Fat loss guru Brad Pilon's program for Advanced Lifters

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