Strength Building Workouts Increase Lean Muscle

Strength building workouts are the true route to increase lean muscle mass and burn belly fat. Combined with interval workouts, strength training cannot be beat.

If you are sincere about making quality gains in both lean muscle mass and the reduction of body fat percentage, you must engage in purposeful strength training that is brief and intense.

strength training workouts increase lean muscle mass

* Full-body workouts that center on fundamental multi-joint lifts will be your foundation.

* Your strength training workouts will be brief and intense. They will last less than an hour and you will be sweaty, out of breath, and getting progressively stronger.

* Even though you will be working harder, you must commit to making good food choices and maintaining portion control. You CANNOT eat whatever you please just because you workout hard.

* Eating to build muscle mean eating consciously...knowing what you are putting in your mouth at all times.

* There will be no "fluff" lifts like: wrist curls, concentration curls, triceps kickbacks, leg extensions, etc.

* Your workouts to build strength will include tough lifts like: squats, deadlifts, weighted dips, weighted pull-ups, cheat curls, dumbbell cleans, military presses, heavy shrugs, rowing, and different types of bench presses.

* Your workouts will pretty much follow a Hardgainer routine.

Strength training workouts must be progressive and periodized. You CANNOT work heavy week-after-week. There must be easy weeks interspersed.

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