Workout Like An Athlete

workout like an athlete

The key to becoming more muscular is to workout like an athlete

Workout like an athlete, what does that mean? An athlete's workout continually focuses on exercises to gain muscle mass and burn belly fat. A muscle building diet is imperative.

What differentiates an athlete's workout from the normal guy who shows up to the gym is (1) purpose (2) focus (3) structured intensity (4) no fluff.

An Olympic athlete or an NFL player comes into the gym with a mindset of improving in some way during their lifting or cardio phase that day. They do NOT show up with an iPod and a mindless attitude...they show up with a PURPOSE.

An athlete wants to increase their amount of weight lifted for a certain rep scheme, increase their amount of reps within a set, maintain their amount of weight lifted with a decrease in rest time, extend the distance covered during their intervals, or decrease the amount of time to cover that specific distance.

An athlete is continually looking to improve. The old adage is "You can only move forward, or move backward. You can never stay the same. If you stay the same, somebody will pass you up."

To workout like an athlete means you must do things the normal person does not want to do

workout like an athlete

Olympic and professional athletes train at a completely different level than everybody else in the gym. They have a higher intensity, they focus on quality lifts, and they know they will be doing some tough interval work (usually against a stop watch) to burn belly fat.

The normal guy, however, does not want to work that hard no matter how good it will make him look. Training like an athlete will definitely take you out of your comfort zone.

* An athlete's diet is critical to his performance. He will know exactly what he is putting in his mouth and what foods will sabotage his career. Eating to build muscle mass is crucial.

* Burn this into your mind. You CANNOT get big fast...but you can easily GET FAT FAST.

* An athlete's workouts to build muscle will focus on a few fundamental multi-joint lifts. Squats, deadlifts, cleans, various presses, pull-ups and dips are normally included.

* There will be NO FLUFF lifts like wrist curls, concentration curls, triceps kickbacks, or any pansy-looking thing like one toe on a Swiss ball while you do a single-arm lateral raise. I mean, come on...let's get real.

* The best muscle building workout will be one which is continually evolving as you gain more strength.

* To workout like an athlete means you will be doing most of your work in supersets and you will have intense periods between groupings with activities like jumping rope or slamming a medicine ball into the floor.

* Donovin Darius, hard-hitting NFL safety is a workout freak. You do not have to do this type of athlete's workout, but you can use it to learn more about the intensity of the cardio used to burn fat and build lean muscle.

If you workout like an athlete, you will not have to worry about gaining rock hard muscle and burning belly fat. It will all be built into your diet and and routines. Is it any wonder that athletes have the "lean Hollywood look" that chicks find so appealing?

Become more muscular now!

Elliott Hulse, creator of the Gridiron Domination has one of the most intelligent and cutting edge programs for guys who truly want to push themselves to a muscular body.

It is not for everyone because you will be expected to eat like an athlete, as well as put in 45 minutes of intense training each session. You will be expected to get quality rest at night and stay hydrated throughout the day.

Please...don't get the idea you'll look like an NFL Combine participant in just 24 weeks. That is not reality. However, what you can expect is to see a complete change in your mental toughness, your attitude toward attacking a workout, and the beginnings of definite changes in muscularity.

workout like an athlete
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If Elliott's program seems too demanding, I recommend you go with the P90X Workout Plan. This is another proven program which gets incredible results...but only if you take action...make significant changes in your diet to become more muscular and lean, and maintain intensity during your workouts.

When you workout like an athlete, it requires you to do the things other guys do not want to do.

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