The 300 Spartan Workout Gets Results!

the 300 spartan workout will help you burn belly fat and become more muscular

Burn belly fat with a 300 workout plan. You can become more muscular.

A 300 Spartan Workout is much different than you think. However, you will burn belly fat, increase ab definition, build lean muscle mass, and get a body women immediately want to touch.

There is tremendous misconception about the 300 workout routine created by Mark Twight, owner of Gym Jones in Salt lake City, UT.

The test taken at the end of the intensive training by both actors and stuntmen was just that...A ONE-TIME TEST. The workouts consisted of unstructured physical activity that was done to increase functional strength and eliminate belly fat.

The biggest misconception is that the actors trained like bodybuilders, when in fact, they actually trained more like Navy SEAL workouts. The focus was on functional strength and eliminating body fat.

You can create your own 300 Spartan Workout if you keep a few things in mind:

* Workouts are brief and intense.

* They combine upper body weight work and lower body weight work.

* Interval training workouts are the backbone of the structure.

* Twight said, "Many interviewers were disappointed to learn that hard work was the only "magic" involved.

* 300 was the name of the movie, NOT the amount of reps each session.

* You must Eat less...Eat better...Workout harder, and get REST.

* Start slowly, their training lasted four months and they rarely repeated a workout.

The best sources that replicate the type of training Mark Twight designed are Turbulence Training by Craig Ballantyne, or the P90X Exercise Program.

Now that you know the truth behind the 300 Spartan Workout, you can start getting your own great results.

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