The Truth About Abs

the truth about abs is the best-selling program by mike geary that has helped thousands burn belly fat and get the body they want

The Truth About Six Pack Abs has helped thousands get the body they want

The Truth About Abs is a best-selling fat loss and strength building program by Mike Geary. You will learn how to eliminate belly fat and build lean muscle to naturally increase your metabolism.

It is difficult for me to write about Mike's program objectively because it has provided so much success to the guys (and women) who have used it.

At first glance, The Truth About Six Pack Abs looks like training course filled with ab exercises.

It's not.

Mike's program has 20 dynamic ab exercises (fully illustrated)...and that's it.

The main focus of his book is on the ONE exercise where most people fail: Making good food choices.

If you are expecting to shed the layer of fat covering your abdominal muscles, if you want to get defined abs and eliminate belly fat for need to start eating consciously.

The Truth About Abs focuses on you knowing EXACTLY what you are putting in your mouth. Without a solid diet plan, you WILL NOT burn the belly fat necessary to see your abdominals.

The Truth About Six Pack Abs is a comprehensive program

the truth about abs requires you to adhere to a solid diet, workout with strength building lifts, and integrate interval training into your cardio When I say the Truth About Abs is a comprehensive program, it means that it attacks burning belly fat from three different sides:

(1) Adhering to solid nutrition.

(2) Utilizing regular strength building lifts in your workouts.

(3) Integrating intense interval training into your cardio.

* Mike's program provides a progressive eight levels of strength training and eight levels of ab workouts.

* You will be expected to commit to a diet rich in fresh fruits, vegetables, and solid protein sources such as turkey, fish, or chicken breasts.

* In a sense, you will be expected to commit to eating like an athlete or an NFL player. It will be a departure from unconscious eating that sabotages fat loss.

* You will be expected to commit to regular workouts involving basic, fundamental lifts to increase your strength. You will change set and rep schemes as you progress and become stronger.

* You will be expected to spend 45-60 minutes training with weights several times each week.

* You will be expected to commit to short, intense cardio workouts that include bursts of intensity, followed by short periods of active rest. Interval training at its best.

If you are sincere about getting rid of male belly fat and building a body women find desirable, Mike's proven program deserves your crtical evaluation.

Does The Truth About Abs really work?

Why are women so enamored with the Lean Hollywood Look?

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