Complex Carbohydrates List - Complex Carbs List

A safe and sensible diet to lose belly fat will contain complex carbs

Many women (and men) on a diet to lose belly fat want a complex carbohydrates list to help them remember the good carbs. The best way to remember a complex carbs list is to think of "whole grains" and eat only foods in their most natural states.

So, instead of carrying a notebook around with you, now you can easily focus on fresh fruits, vegetables, nuts, berries, oatmeal, brown rice, bran, and beans.

Add in some wheatgerm and yams...and you have a great foundation for getting the vitamins, minerals, and fiber to help your body function optimally.

There are several problems, though, with basing fat loss dieting on a list of complex carbs. (1) It is NOT a balanced nutritional plan, (2) It is CALORIES that make you fat, not carbs, and (3) You must integrate daily physical activity and regular exercise (including weight training) into your fat loss plans.

A complex carbohydrates list is a great place to start, but it is not the whole answer to getting rid of belly fat and love handles.

Good carbs, bad carbs, and calories. You must get the big picture

a list of complex carbohydrates is needed in any diet to lose belly fat

The good thing about complex carbs is that they are filling, slower to digest, and do not give your system huge spikes in blood sugar.

* On the other hand, simple carbs (bad carbs) like donuts, breakfast pastries, biscuits, waffles, pancakes, cookies, cakes, ice cream, and desserts are absorbed quickly and increase the chances of being converted to fat.

* Simple carbs, like those above, are directly linked to obesity and contracting Type II diabetes. Only you can make the choice which one you will pick when you are hungry.

* However, you cannot overeat on complex carbs and expect to lose belly fat.

* A complex carbohydrates list doesn't do much good if you decide to supersize each serving with the mistaken assumption that good carbs can't make you fat.

* It doesn't really matter where extra calories come from, if you have a caloric overload, you will put on and retain fat.

* Dieting to lose belly fat is about establishing a calorie deficit each week and month. (Burning more calories than you take in.)

A safe and sensible diet to lose belly fat includes more than just a complex carbohydrates list

a complex carbohydrates list is a great place to start * Before starting any kind of diet program, we always advise you to talk about this with your physician and read over these excellent criteria for a safe weight loss program put out by the State of Michigan Surgeon General.

* Any nutritional plan diet to lose belly fat will include portions of protein and dietary fat. The "Low Crabs or No Carbs" mantra of the early 90's has pretty much been shown to be unsustainable.

* A complex carbohydrates list is just a starting point for your fat loss diet. You need to find an activity (purposeful walking is great) that you can do every day for 30 minutes and begin a program of regular exercise.

* Integrating weight training into your exercise routine is critical. It will help you build lean muscle tissue to elevate your metabolism so that you burn fat longer during the day.

* You must begin to slowly increase the amount of water you drink each day, and also the amount of sleep you are getting each night. Both play important roles in burning belly fat.

* Intermittent fasting has been demonstrated as a safe and sensible way to establish a calorie deficit for your fat loss goals.

Although the food groups represented in a complex carbohydrates list seems small, they offer you more choices than you realize. Succeeding on any type of fat loss program means you become more aware of what you are eating and how it affects your body. Mindless eating will only sabotage your goal of a life without fat.

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