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Burn The Fat - Feed The Muscle is a diet and workout program to accelerate male fat loss

Male fat loss is a hot topic. Why? Because guys know belly fat is unhealthy and a turn-off to women. Men can burn belly fat with muscle mass workouts to increase ab definition. Gains in lean muscle increase metabolism naturally, and burn calories longer.

Headlines about male belly fat are in the news on a daily basis.

Beer bellies, love handles, and a flabby abdominal area are linked with erectile dysfunction, rapid aging, heart disease, Type II diabetes, and stroke. Guys in their 30's are now exhibiting health issues that were formally seen in guys 50 and over.

Plus, to make things worse, all you have to do is listen to shows like Oprah or anything on the Oxygen Channel to know women are turned-off by soft, flabby, male bodies.

They all want men who look lean, fit, and athletic. Separating facts on male fat loss from myths about increasing ab definition is almost overwhelming. There is so much misinformation about the best diet for men to lose belly fat at bookstores and on the Internet, that you can go on overload.

Guys want to lose weight, build lean muscle, and become more desirable to women, but finding the right place to start almost paralyzes them.

Fortunately, physiologist-turned-bodybuilder, Tom Venuto has created a top-selling workout and diet plan for men. His Burn The Fat program has helped thousands of guys melt belly fat and increase their lean muscle density.

"Your goal should never be weight loss. Your goal should be losing fat while maintaining muscle. As long as your body is solid muscle, then you shouldn’t worry about what the scale says. Your ratio of muscle to fat is what really counts."

.....Tom Venuto, page 9, BURN THE FAT - FEED THE MUSCLE

accelerate male fat loss with burn the fat feed the muscle by tom venuto

Accelerate Male Fat Loss With A Proven Program - Burn The Fat

tom venuto's burn the fat feed the muscle book will help with male fat loss Burn The Fat - Feed The Muscle is easily the best program I have found to get rid of abdominal fat...and keep it off. I have used it since 2004-2005. At 6'2", I stay right about 180 lbs. 10% body fat, and 32-1/2" waist.

Tom's program integrates the concepts of changing to a lifestyle of solid nutrition, muscle mass workouts, and structured cardio to burn male belly fat.

* Tom Venuto is a natural, steroid-free bodybuilder who amassed an incredible amount of medical and scientific data about getting rid of belly fat while pursuing his Bachelor's degree in Exercise Physiology.

* His best-selling program shoots holes in the myths of starvation diets, Rambo-intense workouts, and brainless miles of running before the sun comes up to lose belly fat.

* Instead, Tom's focus is on getting more intelligent about food choices, using compound-joint strength training workouts, and utilizing interval training as the choice of cardio programs.

* There are no phony supplements to buy. No special high-tech ab machines to waste money on. With Tom's program, you will find yourself eating and training pretty much parallel to an Olympic athlete, or an NFL player.

Says Tom, "If there’s any 'secret' to fat loss and becoming more muscular, it’s hard work on your diet and training program. The sooner you accept this fact, the sooner you’ll be the proud owner of a lean body. Unfortunately, this isn't what most people want to hear. In this age of instant gratification, people want overnight success and 'miracle cures,' but that's a fantasy."

The key to male fat loss is a comprehensive integrated approach

become more desirable to women through male fat loss

One look at Tom and you can tell he follows the high-fiber, high-protein, low-sugar/carb diet he well as a brief, but intense workout routine.

Everything you learn in Burn The Fat is inter-related and comes back to four factors: (1) You must set and re-set achievable goals (2) You must become aware of what you eat and learn to choose differently (3) Workouts to increase strength burn belly fat best, and must be progressive (4) Interval training will blow torch your fat loss.

* You will learn why it is almost physiologically impossible to lose fat the way most men go about it. (They end up slowing their metabolism and stopping the production of testosterone and growth hormone.)

* You will discover which strength building exercises work best to get rid of beer bellies and love handles.

* You will learn how natural bodybuilders shed fat, yet maintain lean muscle mass.

* You will discover how to do more effective cardio in much less time. (Athletes know this secret.)

Think back to the last time you were out with friends at the lake, a pool party, or a BBQ...but were embarrassed to take off your shirt around the women because you knew you looked soft, flabby, and unathletic.

It doesn't have to be that way any longer. Tom's Burn The Fat- Feed The Muscle program will help you get rid of unhealthy belly fat and give you a more lean, muscular physique that women find attractive.

You can make male fat loss permanent with a commitment to yourself and a proven program.

increase male fat loss with burn the fat feed the muscle by tom venuto

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