Intermittent Fasting - A Natural Cleanse

intermittent fasting is a natural way to cleanse your body

Intermittent fasting enhances optimal nutrition for easy weight loss

Intermittent fasting, not longer than 24 hours, is the focus of Eat Stop Eat for belly fat reduction. Author Brad Pilon provides a simple beginners diet plan for those wanting the "lean Hollywood look."

if you have been thinking about getting rid of belly fat, looking better, and feeling better about yourself...but were just too confused about counting calories or measuring portions like some plans require, then Brad's program might be for you.

His entire premise centers on fasting from dinner-to-dinner 1-2 days per week, and NEVER on consecutive days. This is NOT some stupid starvation diet that leaves you weak and with a messed up metabolism.

It is a proven plan that will help you lose belly fat, lose thigh fat, and NOT have you continually worrying about counting calories or checking portion sizes.

Intermittent fasting is simple and flexible

intermittent fasting will help you lose belly fat To us, this is the perfect beginners diet plan because of its simple and flexible concept. It is an easy way of eating that involves a period of fasting a couple of times per week to reduce your total weekly calories.

Don't get us wrong, The Adkins Diet, The Zone Diet, and The South Beach Diet all work...but usually only for about 6 weeks. Why? Because people get tired of having their thoughts and lives dominated by calorie counting and portion-adjustment.

All women want to look and feel better, but they want a real life, also. Being consumed with thoughts of "My Diet" ends up sapping your energy. You stray from your plan, feel guilty, and then feel too overwhelmed to resume it.

The fat comes right back on.

Intermittent fasting, though, is very fast from dinner-to-dinner only 1 or 2 days per week, then eat normally the other days. You don't keep a Calorie Journal and you don't size-out portions.

How difficult can that be?

The great thing about Brad's program is that, even though you are fasting on alternate days, you will be eating EVERYDAY.

Here's how that works: Let's say you set up your cutoff time as 6 PM. On the day you start, you'll eat until 6 PM, then fast until 6 PM the next day.

The next day you'll eat dinner right after 6 PM, then eat breakfast and lunch (and a few snacks) the next day until 6 PM, when you started fasting again.

(Of course, the key is to eat normal. If you decide to pig-out and feel you deserve a "cheat day"...or you make poor food choices and eat a bunch of junk all day, then you'll sabotage your efforts severely.)

Intermittent fasting is perfect for a beginners diet plan

eat stop eat is perfect for a beginners diet plan Brad Pilon's program is a great way for beginners to start reducing blood sugar, improve insulin sensitivity, reduce blood pressure, increase HDL levels, get rid of precursors to Type II diabetes, and reduce belly fat.

* You will NOT have to worry about food all day.

* Your metabolism will NOT slow down.

* You will still have great workouts at the gym.

* The program is NOT complicated, nor expensive.

* The beauty of this program is the simplicity. Plus, it is NOT controlling or ultra-restrictive. You can still go out to eat (you'll just have to make good choices at the restaurant.)

To us, the Intermittent Fasting of Eat Stop Eat is the most simple program for those looking to start a nutritional program to look and feel better.

Intermittent fasting may also have a cleansing effect on the body. Once your body begins reaping the benefits of a healthy lifestyle, you’ll naturally feel motivated to keep it up. You can further bolster the positive effects of your new lifestyle by occasionally taking on a body detox program. Rather than disrupting your diet with harsh fasts or cleansing diets – choose a cleanse that utilizes herbal fiber to sweep the digestive tract clear of impacted waste and toxins naturally.

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