Good Carbs - Complex Carbs

Any diet to lose belly fat must include good carbohydrates.

Good carbs, also known as complex carbs, are a staple for any diet to lose belly fat. Good carbohydrates will give you the energy, vitamins, and fiber needed for safe effective fat loss.

In the past 20 years, carbohydrates were pretty much criminalized by restrictive diets such as the original Atkins Diet and even the South Beach Diet. "Low Carbs or No Carbs" became the battle cry...and for a while, it worked. But it was only for short-term.

When people eventually plateaued or completely fell-off such controlling diets, they seemed to, not only gain back every ounce of fat they lost...but even added some.

Somewhere in the translation, so-called Diet Gurus and self-anointed Nutritional Analysts missed the fact that carbohydrates aren't all good...or all bad.

Some carbs promote optimal health, while others, when eaten in volume and frequently...can lead to an elevated risk of heart disease and Type II diabetes.

How can I tell the difference in a "Good carb" and a "Bad carb"?

good carbs ar found in fruits and vegetables

In our classes, we try to make good food choices as easy as possible. Here are some things to keep in mind.

* Good carbohydrates grow on trees or come out of the ground. Bad carbs are found in processed foods. (There is no such thing as a Donut Tree.)

* Good, complex carbs are rich in color. Bad carbs show up as white. Look at the difference between apples, lettuce, green beans, yams...and cakes, pies, cookies, or white rice.

* Good carbs contain fiber. The skin on fruits and vegetables is your best clue.

* If you must eat bread, make sure the first ingredient says "whole wheat" or lists a whole grain.

* Jams, jellies, and cupcakes may be colorful, but they are just pretty advertisements to increase belly fat. The same with fruit juices and sports drinks.

Good carbs are part of any legitimate diet to lose belly fat

good carbs are part of any diet to lose belly fat Good, complex carbs are filling. They are slow to digest and do not cause huge spikes in your blood sugar. Simple (bad) carbs, on the other hand, are easy to digest, do not make you feel full even though you ingest MORE calories, and wreck havoc on your blood sugar.

* is CALORIES, not carbs that cause weight gain. You cannot mindlessly eat six bananas after breakfast, snack on sandwiches of whole wheat bread with a cheese hamburger between the slices, and finish the evening with sweet potatoes slathered in butter. It doesn't work that way.

* If you need to lose belly fat, eating good carbs is only one element of the solution.

* A legitimate diet to lose belly fat will also include the elements of daily sustained activity and regular consistent exercise, including weight training.

We hope this short article has given you some easy ways to differentiate between good carbs and bad carbs. We wish you the best as you work to achieve a life without fat.

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