Belly Fat Diet

A diet to lose belly fat is safe and sensible

A belly fat diet that is sensible and safe is the best method for women who need to lose belly fat and make that fat loss permanent. Belly fat on women is both discouraging and unhealthy.

Let me begin by saying there is NO one magic diet to lose belly fat. There are many that will work and you will see noticeable fat loss...but they can only be sustained for about 10-12 weeks. After that, your body has adapted and your belly fat losses will come to standstill.

This where many women become so discouraged, they stop altogether...and the fat comes right back on because they completely abandon their program.

Yo-Yo dieting becomes a routine that can last for decades, and every time you come to a plateau after your hard-fought losses, the returning gains...which always seem to increase...puts another hole in your heart.

It doesn't have to be this way. You CAN lose belly fat...and thigh fat...and arm fat with a proven program, like the Flat Belly Solution, and attain a life without fat.

you can lose belly fat with a proven program

Instead of a belly fat diet, you must develop a solid nutritional and fitness lifestyle

The biggest change made by women who wanted to make belly fat reduction permanent was in their approach to losing the weight. They committed to a lifestyle of nutrition and fitness, understanding that a life without fat could not be accomplished without a positive lifestyle change.

A diet to lose belly fat can be a major factor in the overall scheme, but in actuality it is not really a "diet" because it becomes an integrated part of a woman's central plan to achieve her health goals.

A solid nutritional program, coupled with a proven, moderate, fitness program and an underlying belief in progressive fat loss (as opposed to severe, fast, weight loss) is the basis of attaining a life without fat.

Please don't get me wrong. I am not talking about a program with harsh, ill-tasting diets...spirit-shattering exercise routines...or the use of dangerous pills/surgery. I am advocating a sensible and safe approach to getting rid of belly fat.

The best belly fat diet is actually a proven program from a female nutritionist

a diet to lose belly fat by isabel de los rios * Isabel De Los Rios is the author of one of the most successful strategies for helping women who need to lose belly fat.

* Isabel's popular and best-selling program, Beyond Diet has helped close to 350,000 women who were looking for a diet to lose belly fat and thigh fat, and make their weight losses permanent by adopting a completely different mindset and approach to life.

* Her downloadable eBook provides you with a step-by-step program that is effective, sensible, and safe.

Her book is factual and educational, but not laden with medical jargon. The Flat Belly Solution book is 180 pages. It is a guide to a life without fat. In addition to the information, Isabel provides detailed shopping lists, meal plans, and quick recipes.

Isabel does NOT promote a rigid, controlling, belly fat diet. Instead she teaches you about progressive fat loss and how to achieve it. Remember, it took time to put on excess fat, it will take time to get rid of it.

She writes in a thoughtful and sensitive (but firm) manner that is easy to understand. Her program can be implemented in segments. Isabel does not preach rigidity...but she does push you to committing to a lifestyle of no sugar, good complex carbs, fiber from fresh fruits and vegetables, and balanced protein and fats.

Belly fat on women is discouraging because it makes you feel bad about yourself

a belly fat diet for women who want permanent weight loss

I hope this short page has made you think a bit.

Integrating a proven program of good nutrition, effective exercise, and a new way of looking at your lifestyle is much more of a key to a life without fat than a specific belly fat diet.

Is Isabel's book the answer for you?

Whether it is or not, all I ask is that you DO NOT get involved with a strategy that asks you to exhaust yourself, force starvation that will foul up your metabolism, or turn to questionable (or dangerous) pills.

You are the expert on YOU...and you know what you need to reach your fat loss goals.

Order Isabel's program now. Eat your way skinny and healthy!

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