Is there a true fat loss secret?

Are you looking for a fat loss secret, the elusive foods that burn belly fat or just some simple fat loss tips?

We all want to look and feel better..but, searching for fat loss tips and ways to burn belly fat can be frustrating because of the overload of information...and misinformation on the Internet and in bookstores.

First of all, let's dispense with any hype or misleading statements. Please burn this into your brain so you do not get cheated: there is NO one secret to fat loss...and there are NO secret foods or supplements that burn belly fat.

Supplement companies, late night infomercials, and phony Internet sites have promoted these myths far too long.

They have made $1,000,000's of dollars off of people like you and I who just want to get rid of excess fat and feel better about ourselves.

It doesn't have to be this way any longer, though. You can have a life without fat and make your fat loss permanent with a proven program.

 the fat loss secret is a proven program

The real fat loss secret is a common sense approach with a proven program

the best fat loss secret is a sensible nutrition program Go to any bookstore or search the Internet and you will find a tremendous amount of information on fat loss tips or specific diets. Actually, they can provide success...any diet can...for about 10-12 weeks, then the body adapts and weight loss stops.

The one legitimate secret to getting rid of belly fat, building lean muscle to increase your metabolism, and making fat loss permanent is committing to a sensible and safe program of progressive fat reduction that focuses on living a positive lifestyle...not one that will continually sabotage your efforts.

There are simple and effective ways to burn belly fat, but they are not the "Lose 5 inches in 15 days!" kind of nonsense.

The one proven program we promote for permanent fat loss has been developed by Tom Venuto. It is called Burn the Fat - Feed the Muscle.

In his best-selling downloadable eBook, Tom provides you with a step-by-step manual of the latest scientific-backed principles to burn stubborn belly fat and keep it off forever.

The days of Yo-Yo dieting, becoming discouraged when you hit a plateau, and eating bland meals is over.

You'll find the real fat loss secret at all. It is commitment

tom venuto provides the real fat loss secret Tom's Burn The Fat Book focuses its foundation on committing to a nutritional lifestyle that centers around eating quality foods, getting frequent and effective exercise, drinking more water, and getting more sleep.

* You will learn fat loss strategies that are backed by legitimate research, but you will not have to deal with a lot of scientific or medical jargon.

* You will learn that the myth of "foods that burn belly fat" actually is just making intelligent food choices.

* You will learn that no one diet or exercise program works for everyone, and that modifications and simple adjustments can be made to customize the ways to lose belly fat just for you.

* Women will find that Tom is completely understanding about the strong feelings associated with fat and how they breed discouragement.

* Men will find Tom is tremendously knowledgeable about workouts needed to build lean muscle and gain more definition.

* Both men and women will come to realize the real fat loss secret comes from within themselves as they commit to a life without fat.

Our one fat loss secret: Eat an apple and drink a glass of cold water 20 minutes before each meal. If you can make this a habit, you will reduce the amount of food you usually eat.

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