10 Fat Loss Tips

Fat loss eating to help you eliminate belly fat

10 fat loss tips to help you burn belly fat. Fat loss dieting is NOT about quick results. Fat loss tips that promise fast fat reduction are not sensible or safe.

We don't want to mislead you. There are more than 10 tips for fat loss that can help people reach their goals.

However, these are the ones that come up as most frequently dismissed or even ignored when people come to us about stalling (hitting a plateau) in their fat loss program.

When it comes to eating for fat loss, looking for the best diet to lose belly fat or building fat loss muscle, you cannot get away from fundamentals.

Most problems in getting consistent results for loss of belly fat come after about three to four weeks, when the "Honeymoon Effect" begins to wear off and people start slipping back into familiar patterns and behaviors that sabotage their efforts.

They forget about the crucial fundamentals, think they "deserve' faster results, and begin looking for shortcuts to achieve them.

All this does is bring a month or so of diligent work to a halt, cause confusion and even resentment (that they can't eat or do what they please), and they gain even more fat back.

10 tips for fat loss

10 fat loss tips * Tip #1 In order to reach your fat loss goals, you must commit to a program of positive lifestyle changes...NOT a diet. To lose belly fat, you must integrate a comprehensive program of good food choices, regular exercise, and intelligent cardio into your life.

* Tip #2 You must acknowledge reality. It took time to put on fat and it will take time to get rid of it. Fat loss must be sensible, safe, and progressive. Sites on the Internet, or books at the store promising rapid fat loss, are just using your emotions as a marketing ploy.

* Tip #3 Fat loss depends more on your mental outlook and managing your emotions than is ever discussed. Your attitude towards maintaining a positive lifestyle that enhances your fat loss goals plays a huge part in reaching them. You must be real about knowing what feelings and what situations sabotage your efforts to make good food choices or get to your workout.

* Tip #4 One of our 10 fat loss tips that we strongly encourage is to hold any program you consider following to the criteria for safe weight loss established by the State of Michigan Surgeon General.

* Tip #5 Learn the benefits of drinking water and how they enhance your fat loss goals.

10 fat loss tips...continued

10 fat loss tips to know

* Tip #6 In our 10 fat loss tips, we view sugar and processed food (including bread and pasta) as "the enemy." Learn to read labels and learn how food affects your body. Calories build lean muscle tissue (which is great)...but two many contribute to fat storage.

* Tip #7 There can be NO MORE mindless eating. If you want to burn belly fat and build lean muscle to naturally increase your metabolism, then you must know exactly what you are putting in your mouth. Incredibly, most people reach for simple "bad carbs" when they snack. This CANNOT happen.

* Tip #8 Each meal needs to contain a solid protein source like turkey, fish, or a skinless chicken breast (not a protein shake) and a vegetable fiber source.

* Tip #9 The can be NO careless snacks. Get rid of cookies, brownies, and anything else that is loaded with sugar. A small amount of nuts or dried fruit is good. Just don't overdo the portions.

* Tip #10 If you workout hard, use interval training, and make great nutritional choices...you still CANNOT eat as much as you want. If you create a surplus of calories from "good food choices"...it will still be stored as fat.

These are our 10 fat loss tips. Other sites will have different ones (and maybe even ones that relate to you better at this time.) We support you in learning all you can about how to burn belly fat and build lean muscle. Eating an apple and drinking a cold glass of water 20 minutes prior to a main meal will help you eat less.

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