Building Fat Loss Muscle

Men's Fat Loss - Muscle Mass Workouts Burn Belly Fat

Building fat loss muscle is just one element of dealing with male belly fat. Men's fat loss depends on an integrated strategy that includes muscle mass workouts, solid nutrition, and specific cardio.

Many guys put in dedicated time at the gym, following a solid program to build lean muscle mass, yet fail to see any results in their reduction of belly fat or love handles.

It is frustrating because every piece of literature on the ways to burn belly fat always include research citations about gaining lean muscle mass to increase metabolism and get rid of belly fat.

The problem is, those research results are misinterpreted, and generalizations are promoted as a singular element designed to eliminate belly fat and make you look more defined.

In all ways to burn belly fat, a calorie deficit is needed

building fat loss muscle to burn belly fat In order to lose belly fat, you must burn more calories than you take in (a calorie deficit) over a specific length of time...normally week-to-week, for several months.

Guys get confused when they read that building fat loss muscle means consuming MORE calories per day instead of less. Many times, they purchase expensive (and almost worthless) supplements with energized-sounding names to help.

* First, get it out of your head that you are going to look like a professional bodybuilder as you shed fat. Those guys are on a steroid-regulated program that is tracked by a personal physician.

* Your first strategy is to get your diet under control. Make sure it is nutritionally sound. In order to burn belly fat and lose love handles you must REDUCE your calorie intake.

* Now, in order to gain and maintain lean muscle mass, you must INCREASE your protein intake a bit. (This means eating less breads, burgers, and pizza...and eating a bit more fish and chicken breasts.)

* Your weight training must focus on compound-joint lifts (two joints used) such as squats, bench press, dips, pull-ups, rowing, dumbbell presses, and dead lifts.

* You must include intelligent cardio. This means utilizing interval training, not mindless jogging or pedaling a stationary bike while you read a novel.

* When you lose fat, and increase your lean muscle tissue, you look more muscular and dense. Here's a motivator: Women like guys who look like 400 meter runners and swimmers...not swollen professional wrestlers.

Building fat loss muscle, while burning belly fat, requires a proven program

building fat loss muscle - burn the fat feed the muscle

Author and natural (steroid-free) bodybuilder, Tom Venuto, has the best program we have found to fight male belly fat and make men's fat loss permanent.

His Burn The Fat - Feed The Muscle is a proven program that has helped thousands of guys like us burn belly fat and increase our lean muscle mass.

* Tom's program puts a great deal of emphasis on YOU knowing how your body works. You must commit to knowing what you put in your mouth, how your muscles respond, and what situations sabotage your efforts.

* You will be expected to train like an athlete. You must commit to regular and consistent muscle mass workouts and integrating interval training into your weekly workout sessions.

* Building fat loss muscle is a major component of Tom's program. You must commit to doing only those mass building exercises that help you progress. No more wrist curls and triceps kickbacks.

* It took several years for you to put on belly fat. You must commit to 9-12 months of dedicated training and eating right to get rid of that flab. It will NOT happen in 4-6 weeks. Building fat loss muscle and losing fat is a progressive endeavor.

Whether you go with Tom Venuto's Burn The Fat - Feed The Muscle or not, we wish you the best in your quest to get rid of excessive fat and make yourself more healthy and desirable to women.

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