Tom Venuto's Burn the Fat book is a best seller and gets results

tom venuto's burn the fat book gets results

Get rid of male belly fat and build lean muscle mass

Tom Venuto's Burn The Fat book is the best-selling guide on the Internet for finding a diet to lose belly fat and a step-by-step manual for fat loss. You can look and feel better with the right nutritional program and exercise to burn belly fat.

Both men and women want to reduce their body fat. Who doesn't want to look more attractive when you are at a pool party, out at the lake on a holiday weekend, or just doing yard work on a hot day?

Belly fat on women, as well as thigh fat and arm fat, is discouraging and makes them feel undesirable. Male belly fat, in the form of love handles or beer bellies, makes them look like they have no self-discipline. A real turn-off to women.

For both, excess fat can cause well-documented health problems as we age. Nobody wants that with health care options being so expensive.

What makes Tom's Burn The Fat book so beneficial?

burn the fat book by tom venuto

Tom Venuto's book, Burn the Fat - Feed the Muscle became so popular because of one gets results.

* Thousands of men and women, from all age groups, have found out how to burn fat naturally and make their fat loss permanent.

* Tom's program emphasizes a complete change in outlook to a more nutritional lifestyle. He does NOT advocate one specific diet. He does not believe in expensive supplements or dangerous pills.

* Burn the Fat - Feed the Muscle is written in a detailed, precise way that is scientifically-accurate, but easy to understand.

* Tom is completely against harsh starvation diets that foul-up your metabolism. He sees fat loss as a progressive program and discusses in depth the stages that can derail it.

* The Burn The Fat book advocates both weight-training and cardio work...but stays completely 180 degrees away from exhaustive commando routines and mindless hours on a treadmill.

* This is not one of those "Lose 30 pounds in 30 days" programs. It is a book about making intelligent eating choices, planning and changing your workouts, and staying committed to a life without fat.

* If Tom's Burn The Fat book has a fault, it is that it over-delivers. There are close to 340 pages and even though they are professionally formatted as a PDF file, it can be a bit intimidating to those who want a "quick fix" on fat that has taken years to accumulate.

* Also, there are no endless pages of recipes, ads to purchase specific supplements, or more sales pages for add-on products. You get a step-by-step guide to losing unsightly fat, gaining lean muscle to burn more fat, and getting more defined as you progress through the program.

Exactly who is Tom Venuto and why is his Burn The Fat book so popular?

author tom venuto burn the fat book Tom Venuto is a natural (steroid free) bodybuilder who has written perhaps the best-selling eBook on the Internet. He is a health club manager and certified fitness trainer who makes his living as a freelance writer, consultant, and guest lecturer.

You would think that there is no way a male bodybuilder could relate to women, yet it is women who make up the majority of his business.

Tom writes in a style that is both encouraging and validating. He understands no two people get the same results in the same amount of time from any kind of program and advocates sensible and safe modification which he easily explains.

Thousands of men have purchased Tom's eBook because they can see he practices what he preaches. He advocates a weight-training program that will increase muscle mass and help men get way more defined, but not keep them in the gym for two hours a day. His focus is on exercise to burn belly fat. Building muscle mass is part of that.

Tom Venuto's Burn the Fat book has helped both men and women make significant fat loss permanent. It has helped them get rid of belly fat and keep it off without resorting to dangerous pills or invasive surgery.

I hope you find the same success with his program. No one deserves to go through life feeling like they cannot lose fat and keep it off forever.

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