Male Belly Fat Is A Turn-Off To Women

male belly fat can be eliminated with burn the fat feed the muscle by tom venuto

You can get rid of male belly fat and increase lean muscle mass with a proven program from Tom Venuto

Male belly fat is not only unhealthy, it is a sexual turn-off to women. They spend all day sending pictures of athletes and actors back-and-forth on their iPhones. When it comes to real life, chicks want to wake up next to a guy who is fit, lean, and tight.

If you got group of us guys together, spanning the ages of 15 to 90, and asked, "Would you rather lose belly fat to get healthier, or lose it to look better to women?" it would be a no-brainer how that vote would go.

What man doesn't want to feel comfortable taking off his shirt at a pool party for his 20th high school reunion, or down at lake with all the neighbors, or when he meets a new girl and volunteers to help out with some lawn maintenance?

Well guess what? When you get rid belly fat and lose your love handles you not only become more attractive to women, you improve your health significantly.

Male abdominal fat is directly linked to problems such as erectile dysfunction, high cholesterol, high blood sugar, contracting Type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, and stroke. The older you get, the more predisposed you become to all of those maladies.

Guys in their 30's are now experiencing health issues that used to only face men past 50.

Fortunately, physiologist-turned-bodybuilder, Tom Venuto has created a comprehensive, proven program that provides detailed instruction on the nutrition, weight training, and interval workouts needed to get rid of male belly fat and increase your lean muscle mass.

His Burn The Fat - Feed The Muscle has helped thousands of guys become more lean and muscular. It has been a best-seller since 2003, with close to 250,000 sales.

Guys purchase it for one simple reason: It works. Nobody is going to spend good money on fluff that is ineffective. I've been following Tom's program since about 2004-2005, and it has become a lifestyle.

male belly fat is a sexual turn-off to chicks

Male belly fat makes you unattractive to women on several levels

male belly fat makes you undesirable to women * When you look smooth and soft, it gives women the perception that you have no self-discipline and little ambition about becoming the best man you can be. It may be unfair...but you know the saying, "A woman's perception is a woman's reality."

* If you look spongy and lack an a certain "energy" about you, women dismiss you as a potential lover. Do you actually think women become excited about a guy whose waistline is 10 inches bigger than his chest?

* Life is tough enough without being constantly rejected without even getting a chance to talk to a good-looking chick.

* It doesn't have to be that way anymore. You can start the best diet for men to get lean immediately.

* You will discover the most beneficial foods to lose belly fat, and you can learn the most advantageous exercise to increase muscle density.

Burn The Fat - Feed The Muscle a progressive system of fat loss and lean muscle gain to get the tight and corded body that women desire. can do it without starvation diets, mindless cardio, or expensive phony supplements. It is a solid men's workout program.

You can get rid of male belly fat with a proven program

lose male belly fat with a proven program from tom venuto

Tom Venuto is the author of the best-selling eBook Burn The Fat - Feed The Muscle. One look, and you can tell he is committed to a positive lifestyle.

* Even though Tom has a degree in Exercise Physiology, and is a competitive (non-steroid) bodybuilder, he wrote this book for regular guys like us who want to gain some muscular size, lose inches off our waist, and reduce our body fat so our abs can be seen.

* Tom's 340-page book focuses on becoming more aware of how we sabotage ourselves with poor food choices and an inactive lifestyle. He gives you a step-by-step manual for progressive fat loss and lean muscle gain.

* This is no phony "Lose 20 pounds in three weeks" nonsense. Tom's program does NOT hinge on the purchase of lame supplements to "stimulate your metabolism." This fat loss system revolves around learning smart food choices, committing to strength-training with weights, and integrating interval training into your workouts instead of mindless boring miles of running.

* You will get rid of male belly fat by adhering to a program that is continually changing so that your body cannot adapt and plateau.

The workouts you use two years from now, will look much different from the ones you use when you first purchase his book. Keep in mind, though, the best exercise to burn belly fat begins with intelligent food choices. You must commit to eating like an Olympic or professional athlete if you expect to get the body you truly want.

Getting rid of male belly fat means integrating a new lifestyle based on optimal nutrition and strength training.

get rid of male belly fat with tom venuto's best-selling program

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