Best Diet For Men To Get Lean

The best diet for men to get lean is the proven program - The Dark Side Of Fat Loss

Best Diet For Men To Get Lean. The best diet for men to get lean is The Dark Side Of Fat Loss, created by Sean Croxton. It has helped thousands of guys lose belly fat and increase lean muscle mass.

For some reason, when guys decide they want to get rid of the layer of fat covering their abs, they think they need to make a severe cut in calories, invest in the latest "secret far burning" supplements, and significantly increase their total time involved in cardio.

Six weeks later, they've lost about 5-6 lbs., are experiencing huge cravings, and have actually decreased their lean muscle. They still cannot see their abs and they feel exhausted and on edge much of the time.

What went wrong? Everything is completely out of balance, and the body starts to compensate by screaming to all systems, "SAVE THE FAT!"

Excerpt from The Dark Side Of Fat Loss.

...excerpt from The Dark Side Of Fat Loss

The best diet for men to get lean is one focusing on natural foods.

Are you getting fed up with the smooth, fleshy reflection looking back at you in the bathroom mirror each morning? Have you been spending good money on scientific-sounding supplements that don't do a thing?

Have your workouts stagnated and you are not seeing a bit of strength improvement, let alone any gains in muscularity?

Male belly fat is both a health disaster waiting to happen, and a sexual turn-off to women. You don't need either of those situations in your life.

Fortunately, kinesiologist Sean Croxton , has created a best-selling program that has helped guys get the results (and build) they want.

Any Dark Side Of Fat Loss  review I write will be positive. I'm biased because I've been following Sean's course for over a year, and have great results. To me, it is definitely the best diet for men to get lean.

Why? Because it combines top nutrition (NOT supplements) with strength training, and intelligent cardio. Conscious eating, brief but intense weight training, and interval workouts are the three elements of an effective and comprehensive program for fat loss.

Since, 2011, when it first hit the market, The Dark Side Of Fat Loss has set sales records year after year. It has become an underground best-seller, especially for CrossFit athletes.

The only reason guys will buy a program is because it works. Sean makes no outrageous promises, other than you will work hard on creating new lifelong eating habits, and training...and you will see results.

That's it.

Best Diet For Men To Get Lean - Making Changes

The best diet for men to get lean gets high-carb foods out of your diet.

Sean's program follows a simple protocol: You get foods that do nothing but store fat on your abs (carbohydrates) OUT of your current diet, and start eating more of the foods that build lean muscle (solid proteins and healthy fats.)

Yes, people get fat because they take in more calories than they burn...but what makes them do that?

High-carb foods are the culprit. They taste great and they are easy to digest...but they have ZERO muscle-building qualities.

Carbs increase your blood-sugar level, stimulate the secretion of insulin, and are easily stored as FAT all over your body.

Face it, when guys get hungry they reach for stuff like cold cereal, crackers, pizza, pasta, breads, donuts, pastries, pop,...and most anything else that comes in a box, a can, or wrapped.

The Dark Side Of Fat Loss preaches one simple rule: Just Eat Real Food (JERF)...meaning you eat only natural foods (ones that come off trees or out of the ground, and solid protein sources like turkey, chicken, beef, fish, or bison) because they stimulate the growth of lean muscle.

It actually mirrors a Paleo Diet, which is followed by both Olympic and professional athletes whose livelihood is dependent on the reduction of body fat, and the increase of lean muscle.

Do you think if you ate like an athlete, you would start to look like one?

The Best Diet For Men To Get Lean - The Dark Side Of Fat Loss

The best diet for men to get lean is one that follows Paleo principles.

* Sean's outstanding program is actually NOT just the best diet for men to getting rid of belly fat. Instead, it is a life-long guide to becoming more muscular and keeping fat off for the rest of your life.

* You will quickly discover why sugar foods, fried foods, and starchy, carb-loaded foods (that all taste great) make NO contribution to you becoming more muscular...but they sure are easy to store as fat! The best diet for men to get lean has no room for foods that sabotage your efforts.

* You will discover why eating several small meals, with a solid protein source included with each meal, is far superior to a couple of big meals and downing protein shakes.

* You will discover how a well-crafted weight training program to build strength, coupled with interval workouts build the lean muscle you desire while shredding fat from your body.

* You will have your eyes opened to realistic fat loss and muscular gain. Sean Croxton's program is not some phony "get ripped in 3 weeks" scam. There's no hype. It will take some focus on your part to make the changes necessary to eat more consciously, and eat like an athlete.

The Dark Side Of Fat Loss is a 159-page eBook you can download immediately.

If you are tired of looking smooth, want to lose body fat and become more muscular, I hope you checkout Sean Croxton's program when searching for the best diet for men to get lean.

Discover why this is the best diet for men to get lean.

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