Belly Fat In Men Is Unhealthy And Unattractive

Belly fat in men is a turn-off to chicks.

Belly fat in men is extremely unhealthy, not to mention a turn-off to women. You can get rid of those extra inches on your abs with a proven program for mens fat loss. It will involve a change in your lifelong eating habits, but it will be worth it when you see the results.

You can lose male belly fat, get in shape, become more attractive to women.

The list of physical maladies connected with belly fat is pretty scary...stroke, Type II diabetes, heart disease, insulin resistance, sleep apnea, and...performance issues.

Having a beer belly while living in the frat house might have been source of pride, but it doesn't cut it in the real world. As we age, our metabolism slows down. Add in the lack of exercise as men reach adulthood and you have a ticking time bomb for male belly fat.

To top things off, women find belly fat in men to be a sign of low energy, low ambition, a lack of self-discipline, and NO sex appeal.

You may be a guy earning $100K a year, but most women won't even stick around long enough to see you as successful if you look sloppy and flabby.

You Can Lose Love Handles and Male Belly Fat With A Proven Program

Belly fat in men is unhealthy and a deal-breaker with women.

All is not lost. You can stop the decline in your metabolism by 75-80 percent when you commit to a solid nutritional program, intelligent weight training, and quality cardio.

* The very best thing you can do to reduce the speed of metabolic decline is to increase your lean muscle mass. Lean muscle dictates how fast or how slow your metabolism functions: The more of it you have, the more calories you burn.

* However, you must understand that a commitment to eating like an athlete, and progressive activity is the key. You must be self-disciplined enough to make good food choices, get sugar foods and starchy processed foods OUT of your present diet, and put in 45 minutes of workouts three times per week.

This can be tough when you have been used to eating crap food whenever you wanted, especially when you are stressed or facing an overload of obligations.

* Burning belly fat in men can be reduced down to two simple steps: reduce your carb intake (because all carbs do is store fat) and increase your intake of protein and healthy fats (since they help build muscle.)

* Guys can start out in a ball of fire to eat right and get to gym/run each day...but soon burn out when things become routine and bland...and the fat loss hits a plateau.

* Rigid, starvation diets do not work. Neither do commando-intense workouts and mindless miles of jogging before the sun comes up.

Yes, you need to clean-up your eating...yes you need to sweat a little and get a little out of breath when you workout, but you need to do it in a way that benefits you reaching your goals each day.

The Best Proven Program To Get Rid Of Belly Fat In Men

Belly fat in men is embarrassing when you have to take off your shirt.

By far, the best program we have found for male fat loss is Sean Croxton's The Dark Side Of Fat Loss.

Why? Because he focuses on a change in lifestyle to increase muscle mass and burn belly fat.

There is no special belly fat diet...there are no expensive (and worthless) supplements to purchase...there are no phony exercises you do in your chair at work or on the couch while watching TV.

Sean's guiding principle is "Just Eat Real Food."

You will significantly cut your carb intake when you follow a diet that parallels what guys at the Olympic Training Center and NFL teams eat.

Many call it a Paleo diet, because it mirrors what our caveman ancestors ate. Other's call it The Athlete's Diet because it seeks to build lean muscle mass while reducing fat storage.

In reality, it is a natural diet, focusing on natural foods, that is easy to follow. (if it comes right out of the ground, right off a tree, or you have to hunt and kill is natural food. If it comes out of a box, can, or some kind of wrapping, it is NOT.)

Sean is a natural bodybuilder with a Bachelor's degree in Kinesiology from San Diego State.  He emphasizes significantly reducing carbs for building lean muscle and getting rid of body fat. His focus is on making fat loss permanent.

Most CrossFit athletes follow this exact plan, except they combine it with high-intensity workouts that blow torch off fat even more quickly.

The Dark Side Of Fat Loss has helped 1000's of men get rid of beer bellies and love handles...and make themselves desirable to women. It has become an underground best-seller because it works.

In our opinion, Sean Croxton has the most successful program available for helping men get the lean, muscular body that women desire.

Think back to the last time you were at a BBQ or out at the lake with friends, but did not want to take off your shirt because you knew you looked soft, flabby and undefined.

Now, get a vision 6 months from now when you have dropped weight, lost inches on your waist, and look more athletic because of the increase in muscle mass. How do you think the women in the group would see you then/

Belly fat in men creates serious issues you don't need to deal with...and the formula for getting rid of it is uncomplicated.

The best program for getting lean and muscular.

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