A Diet For Type 2 Diabetes That Works!

a diet for type 2 diabetes that works

The Diet Solution is a best-selling weight loss plan for diabetics

A diet for Type 2 diabetes to help you lose weight and reduce your blood sugar levels is The Diet Solution. Created by certified nutritionist, Isabel De Los Rios, its focus is on eating naturally.

Isabel's nutritional plan resonates with diabetics because her entire motivation for designing it came for the torment of watching her mother and grandmother deal with Type 2 diabetes...and the fear that she would contract it since she was 30 lbs. overweight in junior high and high school.

Although she started in PreMed courses at Rutgers University, her overwhelming desire to help her family members (and herself) lose weight safely and effectively, guided her to pursue a degree in Exercise Physiology. The research skills she developed in this discipline, led her on a 10-year study that culminated in the release of her blockbuster weight loss plan for women...The Diet Solution.

Grounded in strict medical research, the foundation of Isabel's program is making the majority of your food choices from foods provided by Mother Nature, staying completely away from sugar and weaning yourself from processed foods, and getting your protein from natural poultry and wild fish.

You will eat less...you will eat natural...you will eat better...and you will learn how to reach your fat loss goals.

a diet for type 2 diabetes that focuses on eating foods from mother nature

Now you can lose weight safely, sensibly, and effectively

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