Turbulence Training

Craig Ballantyne will help you get rid of male belly fat and gain lean muscle

Turbulence Training, designed by Craig Ballantyne, is the name given to the proven program that provides a variety of ways to burn belly fat and gain muscle mass.

Focusing on weight training, body-weight exercises, kettlebell routines, and interval training workouts, Craig has helped thousands of guys (and women, too) get stronger, more lean, and more defined.

His program appeals to a great many men because it has workouts for the gym, where you have a selection of weights available to you...and at home, where you can use dumbbells and body-weight only exercises. Add in interval training, and you will burn a tremendous amount of fat over a short amount of time.

It is especially attractive to guys who travel a great deal, or work horrendous hours.

Male belly fat is under assault from two fronts: (1) First, the medical community has made it well known that excess abdominal fat poses serious health risks to men. (2) Secondly, women are adamant in their distaste of men who look soft, flabby, and non-athletic.

Craig's proven program will help you reach your fat loss goals and become more desirable to women.

Turbulence Training is fast, effective, and continually evolving

turbulence training author craig ballantyne * Craig Ballantyne has designed this program to get maximum results in minimum time. It doesn't matter if you are looking to build lean muscle mass, burn belly fat, or become a bit more athletic.

* It uses a combination of multi-joint lifts, structured in time-saving supersets, as well as interval training integrated into your cardio sessions.

* Guys looking to lose fat and increase definition love it because it fits their often hectic schedules. Three 45-minute strength & interval sessions for fat loss are a lot easier to fit in rather than five 1-hour cardio sessions.

* Turbulence Training gym workouts use only squats, deadlifts, presses, split squats, rows, and similar exercises to get the maximum results in minimum time. By training with multiple sets of low reps (6-8), and using intervals, you apply the most metabolic turbulence to the muscles.

* The body-weight exercises and interval training workouts he has for home and travel are both challenging and productive. These are not fluff-exercises, like you see on morning cable TV, but combinations of upper/lower body work, plus abdominal sets, used by the armed forces and professional athletes.

* Craig recognizes that our body adapts to exercise fairly quickly and gains will plateau if workouts are not modified. His program changes workouts every 3-4 weeks.

* Turbulence Training will NOT give you the physique of a professional bodybuilder. (You'd need a good steroid prescription for that.) Actually, you will be training more like a U.S. Navy SEAL, or an actor using the 300 Workout Routine.

But, if you commit to 6 months of dedicated training, you will find yourself looking stronger and more athletic than you could possibly believe.

Does Turbulence Training Work?

Home Ab Workouts that get results without crunches, sit-ups, and monotonous cardio

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