Navy SEAL Workouts

Burn belly fat with Navy SEAL fitness workouts at home

Navy SEAL workouts are designed to burn belly fat and build lean muscle. Navy SEAL fitness workouts at home will naturally increase metabolism , help you gain lasting muscle, and blowtorch male fat loss.

Before we go any farther, let's be clear about the focus of fitness training in the conditioning of United States Navy SEALs. They are an elite fighting unit, NOT defensive linemen in the NFL.

Navy SEAL fitness workouts are entirely centered on functional conditioning, meaning their workout program is explicitly geared to eliminating belly fat, getting rid of love handles, gaining lean muscle, and increasing their stamina, strength and endurance to premium levels.

Conditioning of this elite group leaves them looking lean, cut, and defined with rock-hard muscles and incredible functional strength. It IS NOT a program for bulking up, bench pressing 300 lbs, or putting on slabs of thick muscle to look like an All-Pro defensive end.

What type of exercises are done in Navy SEAL workouts?

navy seal workouts are focused on burning belly fat and increasing strength

* Conditioning is focused on body weight exercises.

* Volume is predominant. (i.e. 10 sets x 20 pushups)

* Rest periods are minimal. Stamina and strength are valued.

* Distance running, not jogging, is valued.

* Distance swimming is a prime element.

* Swimming with fins is a large part of every swim workout.

* FINIS Zoomers Fins are utilized optimally in SEAL swim workouts.

* Sprint interval training is integrated in both running and swimming.

* Pull ups are integrated into Navy SEAL fitness training.

* Parallel bar dips are a major element in Navy SEAL programs.

* Grip strength is a focus in training.

* Bent knee sit-ups and V-ups are utilized in large volume.

* Body weight squats and one-legged squats are major components.

* Plyometric training is incorporated.

navy seal workouts book by stewart smith United States Naval Academy graduate Stewart Smith, was a Navy SEAL of four years before he was given orders back to Annapolis and put in charge of the physical training for future Navy SEAL candidates.

His book The Complete Guide to Navy Seal Fitness, Third Edition is the premiere written authority on Navy SEAL workouts.

Stewart Smith has organized it into an easy to follow guide. All exercises are explained and there are pictures to show correct form. There is also a new DVD included for demonstration.

He has several programs for guys at beginning, intermediate, and advanced fitness levels...however, his beginners program starts with 50 push ups and 50 sit ups.

This IS NOT a fad home cardio program for guys who want to lose a few pounds and get into shape. This is the real deal.

If you have a strong fitness level, now and are seeking the challenge of Navy SEAL workouts to burn belly fat and increase lean muscle, Stewart's book is for you.

Push up bars build rock hard muscle

The Perfect PushUp was designed by a former Navy SEAL

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