Are There Really Foods That Burn Belly Fat?

There are no foods that burn belly fat. You do not deserve to be mislead by marketing ploys. If you are intent on getting rid of excess inches, it will not be through a hyped-up "special magic" belly fat diet or worthless "secret supplements."

It is tough enough to get rid of unwanted fat without having so called "experts" on the Internet, or fitness trainers at the gym telling you that fat can be burned through consuming specific foods. (DO NOT purchase expensive, high-tech sounding supplements from these people.)

Even foods such as Green Tea and hot chili peppers that have been researched for metabolic-increasing potential have produced inconclusive results.

Now, in the same breath, there has been conclusive evidence that ALL foods produce what is termed The Thermic Effect.

In essence, this is an increase in energy expenditure associated with the processes of digestion, absorption and metabolism of food. It covers less than 10% of a person’s total energy expenditure throughout the day. Although it is the smallest of our calorie-burning activities, it does help with making good food choices.

There are no foods that burn belly fat, but there are foods that enhance fat loss

foods that burn off fat are a myth When it comes to foods with a high thermic effect, it is helpful to incorporate as many of those choices as possible into your daily nutrition plan.

Remember, out of all of the activities in your comprehensive fat-loss arsenal, making intelligent food choices that result in a progressive calorie-deficit will ALWAYS rank #1.

The best fat loss secret in the world is actually no secret. In order to lose fat and make that fat loss permanent, you must burn more calories than you take in.

Establishing a calorie deficit is the key to eliminating belly fat. It is amazing that so many websites and books with tips on losing fat somehow lose sight of that critical small fact.

So, although there no foods that burn belly fat, there are foods that provide you with better options for staying satiated while you are participating in a comprehensive fat loss program.

The best program to lose belly fat and build lean muscle to naturally increase metabolism

fat loss secrets to increase your metabolism

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