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The Right Steps To Losing Belly Fat

Safe fat loss is paramount when searching for the best ways to burn belly fat. The best diet for women is the one that is most simple for smart fat loss and can become a part of your lifestyle.

There has been an explosion of online information touting the steps to losing belly fat. Marketers know how much of an emotional investment women have in looking their best and feeling good about their body. Sadly, though, many of the promoted diets to lose belly fat are not only complicated and restrictive, they can be unsafe.

What is sensible about taking dangerous pills, spending $100's of dollars a month on questionable supplements, or going on crash/starvation diets to lose weight and reduce body fat?

If you have been feeling discouraged about the weight you've put on in the last year and are searching for the best diet for women, please make sure you review the criteria for a safe weight loss program put out by the State of Michigan Surgeon General before you jump into anything.

The best diet for women is one that is safe, simple, and promotes a positive lifestyle

eat stop eat is a safe fat loss program A safe fat loss program is one that is sensible, flexible, helps educate you about how your body works, and provides you a path to a more positive lifestyle. It can be sustained throughout your life by giving you a solid strategy to create a calorie deficit (burning more calories than you take in) over a significant length of time. Your weight loss should be progressive, about 1-2 pounds a week is plenty. (That could add up to 50-100 pounds in an entire year!)

The one program we recommend for smart fat loss is The Flat Belly Solution by certified nutritionist, Isabel De Los Rios.

* She earned a degree in Exercise Physiology from Rutgers University.

* Her program emphasizes making good food choices and learning to recognize the emotions and situations that set you up to sabotage your fat loss goals.

* Isabel's's program for safe fat loss centers on (1) Establishing a calorie deficit through eating natural foods, (2) Eating consciously and (3) Committing to get sugar foods and processed foods OUT of your diet.

* She encourages you to set progressive and reachable goals while gradually losing weight (1-2 pounds/week), and making good nutritional habits part of your life.

Sensible fat loss is not a diet, it is a positive lifestyle change

Isabel's best-selling program has helped thousands of women (and men) take safe steps to losing belly fat and establishing a much healthier lifestyle.

If you are looking for a "Lose 15 Pounds in 10 Days" type of program, this is NOT it. If you want to be able to make poor food choices, but lose belly fat from a pill or supplement...this is not the program for you.

Eating naturally and weaning yourself away from destructive sugar foods and processed foods takes some getting used to.

Fortunately, the Flat Belly Solution Plan is flexible, forgiving, and non-controlling.

If you are searching for a safe fat loss program that is simple to initiate and uncomplicated to maintain, Isabel's plan may be just right for you.

Whatever you decide, we wish you the best in achieving a life without fat.

safe fat loss with the flat belly solution

Safe fat loss is the cornerstone of Isabel's program

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