Isabel De Los Rios Rocks Fat Loss

isabel de los rios created the flat belly solution

Author of the explosive best-selling Flat Belly Solution!

Isabel De Los Rios is the author of the overwhelmingly popular plan to lose belly fat, the Flat Belly Solution. Women who want to lose weight and naturally increase metabolism have made it a best-seller.

Although Isabel graduated from Rutgers University with a degree in Exercise Physiology, her passion for helping others learn to make fat loss permanent comes from her teen years...when she was 30 pounds overweight and dealing with her own mother's severe diabetes.

"Both my mother and grandmother suffered from severe Type II diabetes. I was so fearful of being trapped in that kind of life that I learned all I could about proper nutrition and permanent fat loss," said Isabel.

For the past 10 years, she has been a certified nutritionist and helped over 300,000 people with her downloadable weight loss program.

Isabel is also the owner of New Body – Center for Fitness and Nutrition in New Jersey.

Isabel De Los Rios - creator of The Flat Belly Solution

isabel de los rios the diet solution Most women want to know what they can expect from Isabel's Flat Belly Diet Book. I will try to give you some quick information.

* You will learn that sugar is your #1 enemy and processed food is a close #2. Both of these factors sabotage your efforts to burn belly fat as well as your overall health.

* You will learn how to figure out what you have been doing wrong in your previous dieting for fat loss.

* You will learn how to naturally increase your metabolism.

* If you need to lose belly fat, she will show exactly what to eat...without counting calories.

* Isabel will teach you the best carbs and fats to eat for fat loss.

* You will learn how whole wheat breads and whole wheat pasta can sabotage your best efforts to burn belly fat.

* You will eat foods you like, you will not go hungry. You will learn to make good food choices when it comes to both regular meals and snacks.

* You will learn how your body works and how food affects it...without a lot of medical and scientific jargon.

* You will learn about the Blood Sugar/Insulin Roller Coaster and how it negates your fat loss efforts and puts you at risk for contracting diabetes.

We wholeheartedly recommend that you checkout The Flat Belly Solution to help you on your path of a life without fat.

Isabel De Los Rios has put her heart into developing a safe and sensible fat loss program for women.

What are Isabel's secret foods?

Does The Flat Belly Solution Work?

The Flat Belly Solution/Diet Solution - It's all the same!

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