College Weight Gain

You can avoid the Freshman 15 weight gain

College weight gain can sneak up on you. The Freshman 15 is real and can set a precedence for health problems later. Lose belly fat and curb weight gain in college.

Being on your own for the first time can have some sneaky consequences. One of them is the almost magical amount of belly fat you can put on in your first semester on campus.

The university cafeteria, cheap buffets in town, Mom mailing you care packages full of snacks, beers with your buddies after class, ordering pizza after a tough night of studies at the library...the list is endless.

However, gaining weight in college is such a legitimate phenomenon, that it is actually the subject of lectures at both medical and family counseling professional conferences.

The "Freshman 15" is a loose term thrown around to describe this increase in belly fat. It usually shows up in the first semester you are at a major university and can snowball from there.

You have to make a decision RIGHT NOW, before you read any further. Do you want to get fat in college...or do you want to an even more positive college experience?

You can beat college weight gain with the right attack plan

college weight gain can be neutralized with a solid exercise and nutrition plan Not many guys enter college with the mature outlook that they will need to be vigilant about their diet.

They figure concentrating on classes, getting to the library, making sure there is enough money for all the bills, and meeting college girls would take up their focus.

Eating was just something you did to keep fuel in the tank for all of the other activities and responsibilities throughout the day.

And that's where the crux of the problem lies. Mindless eating is responsible for the increase in male belly fat.

If you decide you want to get a better build...instead of get fat, then you need to start being conscious of everything you put in your mouth...and know how it effects either fat storage or muscle building.

You can burn belly fat and get rid of love handles with a comprehensive plan of solid nutrition and consistent, regular exercise.

You can beat the Freshman 15 and build a body that chicks want to look at and touch. In the end, you'll learn a lot about yourself because right off the bat, you'll see it does NOT take any kind of focus or toughness to get fat in college. However, it takes both to develop the lean, muscular body-type that women admire.

These activities are most responsible for college weight gain. Look at them as saboteurs:

* No portion control at the university cafeteria or the cheap buffets in town.

* The ease in going back for "2nd's" and loading up on sugary desserts.

* Late night snacks of high-carb/low protein foods.

* A lack of structured exercise. No more PE classes or conditioning for your high school athletic team.

* Eating unhealthy snacks. Sugar foods and processed foods are loaded with calories.

* Too much alcohol, as well as the chips, pretzels or burgers that go with it.

If you want to burn belly fat, lose love handles, and create a more desirable body...this nonsense MUST come to a halt. Ask yourself, "Why am I engaging in behavior that will keep me from having the body I want...and will cause serious health problems 15 years down the road?"

Here's how to fight college weight gain

college weight gain can be headed off with good nutrition and a solid exercise plan

Unless you really think it through and make a mature decision to take charge of the way your body looks, nothing is going to get accomplished. College weight gain thrives on mindlessness and immaturity.

Inconsistency in your exercise and nutrition plan will get you the same results as studying a "little bit" for your chemistry exam.

* Be conscious of what you eat at all times. Learn all you can about good carbs, bad carbs, fats, and protein.

* Forget about "2nd's" and desserts. These contribute directly to college weight gain.

* Treat sugar foods and processed foods as The Enemy. Start eating more fresh fruits, vegetables, and solid protein sources like skinless chicken breasts, turkey, and fish.

* Start each morning with a cold glass of water, and drink a cold glass of water before each well as during. Forget the pop, diet pop, fruit juices, and energy drinks. Milk is good, just do not load up. Every calorie counts.

* If you go out for a late night snack, limit yourself to 1-2 slices of pizza or just half a burger. Ask yourself, "Will this result in fat storage or building lean muscle mass?"

* Go with a proven program to burn belly fat and lose love handles. The Truth About Six Pack Abs is probably the best available.

* Get focused physical activity everyday for at least 45 minutes. Start lifting weights 2-3 times per week at the campus weight room. Walk/Run for 30 minutes everyday. If you do not know much about what you are doing, Sean Nalewanyj's Muscle Gain Truth program will help you make recognizable progress.

Becoming a high-quality man that attracts women means you will be making mature decisions that your buddies may be blowing off. Becoming more conscious about college weight gain will put you ahead of the crowd.

you can beat college weight gain

An easy nutrition plan to blunt belly fat and increase lean muscle

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