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burn belly fat with good food choices and a good workout plan

Burn belly fat with a proven program of optimal nutrition and strength training workouts

Burn belly fat with a proven program of optimal nutrition and strength building workouts. Burn The Fat - Feed The Muscle is the top-selling course to get rid of male belly fat. It has helped thousands of guys eliminate belly fat, increase lean muscle, and get more defined.

Created by physiologist-turned-bodybuilder, Tom Venuto, it has been hailed as the premiere workout and diet plan for men.

Sadly, there is a lot of misinformation about the best diet plan for men It is bogus to think you can burn abdominal fat by going on a two-week protein shake diet and concentrating on ab exercises...yet many guys fall for nonsense like this.

You cannot "spot reduce." The body does not compartmentalize fat into designated landscape areas. There is no ownership of fat by different body regions.

Yes, it is more noticeable on men in their bellies, but you must train the entire body to get rid of belly fat.

The best way to burn belly fat is by making significant changes in your present diet, while introducing progressive strength training and interval workouts.

Burn The Fat - Feed The Muscle has been a best-seller since 2003. Close to 250,000 guys have purchased Tom's program. It has maintained its sales for one simple reason: It gets results.

Now you can burn belly fat and make gains in lean muscle density with Tom's step-by-step guidebook.

"Your goal should never be weight loss. Your goal should be losing fat while maintaining muscle. As long as your body is solid muscle, then you shouldn’t worry about what the scale says. Your ratio of muscle to fat is what really counts."

.....Tom Venuto, page 9, BURN THE FAT - FEED THE MUSCLE

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More and more, guys are finding out that flabby abs, beer bellies, and love handles are directly associated with erectile dysfunction, insulin resistance, heart disease, Type II diabetes, premature aging, and some forms of cancers.

Unbelievably, guys in their 30's are now presenting health issues that were formally connected to men in their 50's.

Male abdominal fat is a huge turn-off to women

burn belly fat with a proven program like burn the fat feed the muscle by tom venuto

* Socially, women are flat turned-off to guys who refuse to take care of themselves.

* They see a soft, unathletic body as a product of no self-discipline, a lack of backbone, low ambition, and general weakness.

* Women do not want some freaky-huge guy who is pumped full of steroids, but they do want a man who looks athletic and radiates high-energy in his actions and behavior.(They call this the lean Hollywood look.

* Listen to Oprah some afternoon and you'll hear a group of women discussing how men sabotage themselves by refusing to address male belly fat.

* They may be unfair in their perceptions, but that is their reality and they base their attraction on physical characteristics like broad shoulders, a flat stomach, and overall muscularity.

Think back to the last time you were at a pool party or a BBQ at a lake, but were embarrassed to take off your shirt around the women in the crowd. It doesn't have to be this way any more.

You can burn belly fat with a with a sensible workout plan for men to build muscle that complements a high-fiber, high-protein, low-sugar/bad carbs diet to get lean.

You now can have a more healthy lifestyle while building a body women find attractive.

Burn belly fat with a best-selling program by Tom Venuto

burn belly fat with mike geary's proven program

Burn The Fat - Feed The Muscle can be downloaded immediately to your computer. The 340-page manual provides detailed instruction on nutrition, strength building, and interval workouts.

* It is a comprehensive program that concentrates on YOU learning more about what you put in your mouth and how it can sabotage your goals to burn belly fat and increase muscle mass.

* There is NO fluff. NO false promises of quick fat loss and astounding muscular gains. Tom says, "If there’s any 'secret' to fat loss and becoming more muscular, it’s hard work on your diet and training program. The sooner you accept this fact, the sooner you’ll be the proud owner of a lean body. Unfortunately, this isn't what most people want to hear. In this age of instant gratification, people want overnight success and 'miracle cures,' but that's a fantasy."

* There are NO stupid fruity shakes, NO expensive (but worthless supplements), NO starvation diets, and NO brainless miles of running before dawn.

* When you commit to Tom's program, you will find yourself training like an Olympic decathlete, or an NFL player in the off-season. You will also learn to eat like a professional athlete whose body is their bank account.

One look at Tom Venuto and you know he is resolute in his commitment to keep fat off forever and maximize lean muscle density.

If you are committed to burn belly fat and increase your muscularity, Burn The Fat - Feed The Muscle is a great place to start.

burn belly fat with a lean muscle workout plan from tom venuto

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