Holly Rigsby - Creator of Fit Yummy Mummy

Holly Rigsby is a certified professional trainer and author of the immensely popular Fit Yummy Mummy fat loss program. She has helped 1000's of women get the trim, toned body they want.

What makes Holly's program so popular with women? Easy...she is a breath of honesty that is based on scientific/medical facts and experienced by her in her own fat loss efforts.

The key elements of Holly's philosophy for getting rid of belly fat are straight forward, with NO fluff:

holly rigsby is the creator of fit yummy mummy fat loss program

* Her #1 axiom is: Fat loss CANNOT be fast or immediate. It took time for you to put on fat and it will take TIME and dedicated EFFORT to get it off.

* The best workouts for women will be both comprehensive and progressive.

* Her entire protocol for fat loss centers on making good food choices a lifelong habit, engaging in regular exercise that is increasingly challenging, and workouts that are focused on short bursts of intensity to increase metabolism naturally.

* Eat Less...Eat Better...Workout More, and make this mantra a lifelong habit.

* Full body workouts are the key to your exercise routine. This stimulates the highest metabolic response possible to accelerate fat loss.

* Forget about targeted fat loss, there is NO such thing. Spot reducing only happens on laundry day.

* Lifting weights is a MUST to build lean muscle tissue. You can start off using body resistance exercises, but as you become stronger, you must include dumbbell exercises that are continually more challenging.

Holly Rigsby offers no fluff in her program to help you get the body you want. She had to endure her own struggles with belly fat and cellulite after the birth of her son, and she can relate to what women need both in terms of a quality fat loss plan and emotional support.

holly rigsby is creator of the popular fit yummy mummy exercise program

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