Navy SEAL Workout DVD

Burn belly fat and build lean muscle with Navy SEAL workouts

The Navy SEAL Workout DVD will help you burn belly fat and build lean muscle. Navy SEAL workouts are based on functional training to increase upper body strength and overall endurance.

Navy SEAL Workout, System 1 by former SEAL Team Three member, Mark De Lisle, is a dynamic and demanding workout video.

United States Navy SEALs are asked to do dangerous missions in brutal conditions. It makes sense that their workouts are geared to eliminating belly fat and increasing upper body strength. However, if you are looking for a workout plan to help you gain weight, build muscle mass, or bench 300 lbs, the Navy SEAL workout program is not for you.

Navy SEAL fitness is centered on reaching a state of elite physical conditioning in order to perform exacting covert tasks in extreme environments.

In a sense, you will be training like an athlete. Sure, you will not be in the weight room, but you will be pushing your fitness to much higher levels while getting rid of belly fat and increasing definition.

The Navy SEAL Workout DVD is about changing your lifestyle

navy seal workout dvd

* A Navy SEAL does not to settle for normal.

* You will use body weight exercises

* The SEAL workout lasts about 55 minutes

* Focuses on functional strength

* Muscular endurance is critical

* This Navy SEAL workout is continuous

* A 30-60 day workout program

* You will use chairs for dips

* The Perfect Push Up - Original is helpful

* Easy to follow. Great demonstrations.

The only complaint I had was that there are no pull ups included in the workout. However, once you have gone through 60 days of training, you will be very familiar with what is expected of you and can incorporate the use of pullup bars in your Navy Seal fitness program.

The Navy SEAL Workout DVD is not meant to replace your weight training workouts, but rather a shock to your body for burning more fat and increasing your functional strength.

Turbulence Training will help you get in shape for Navy SEAL workouts

Learn to train like Soviet Special Forces

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