Get Defined Abs - Increase Metabolism Naturally

You can get defined abs and increase metabolism naturally with a structured program for building muscle mass, eating intelligently, and integrating interval training on cardio days.

However, you CANNOT target fat loss for specific body regions by looking for the best ab workouts.

It is a myth that you can "spot reduce"...meaning you cannot burn belly fat without losing fat in other areas.

Your body is not compartmentalized. There are no landscape boundaries when you decide to cut body fat. In reality, the old adage "First on, last off" is pretty true.

Fat gained on men is normally in the abdominal area first, usually in the form of beer bellies and sloppy love handles. Guys put on weight in their face, last.

However, when you start a program of fat loss by building lean muscle mass, your friends will notice the weight loss in your facial area, while you stay frustrated trying to get rid of the final 10 pounds on your gut so your abs will show.

You can get defined abs and better health

get defined abs with a proven program Male belly fat is not only a health issue, it has become a social issue in this new millennium. A waistline of 40 inches or more has been associated with high risk for heart disease, Type II diabetes, stroke, and bedroom problems.

What's worse is that women are very candid about being turned-off to guys who look soft and non-athletic.

* Here's an experiment, go to your local library browse through the women's magazines. No doubt there will be some poll or survey in one of them about what chicks want physically in a man.

* It is always about the same. They want lean, athletic-looking guys with wide shoulders, flat bellies, and defined legs. (They call this the lean Hollywood look.)

* Women do not care for the bulky, professional bodybuilder look, but they see guys with flabby abs as having no motivation, poor self-discipline, and low-energy. That may not be close to the truth, but their perception is their reality...and we have to live with it.

It will take commitment on your part to get defined abs...and it will take a proven program that integrates building muscle mass, good food habits, and focused interval training to get the results you want.

You must do it progressively so you do not mess up your metabolism or hit plateaus and stall completely.

Mike Geary has the best program to help you get more defined abs

the truth about six pack abs can help you get defined abs The best program we have found to reduce your body fat percentage by building muscle mass to increase your metabolism naturally is The Truth About Six Pack Abs by Mike Geary.

* His primary focus will be for you to understand how your body works, the consequences of what you put in your mouth, and how to keep from sabotaging your goal to get defined abs.

* Mike's program is centered setting progressive goals, increasing your awareness of good food choices, getting the most out of weight training by using compound-joint exercises, and incorporating interval training into your workouts.

* You will find that Mike's program parallels the same training/nutrition used by members of the Olympic team or professional players from the NFL in their off-season.

* Think about it...who are the athletes with the best lean muscle mass and most definition? It is the Olympic decathletes and sprinters...and NFL skill players like running backs, wide receivers, and defensive backs.

* Mike's program is not hype, it is not fluff, and it is not magic. It's been a proven best-seller since 2005. It requires commitment to treat your body like a professional athlete and make improvements sensibly and progressively.

The Truth About Six Pack Abs will help you get defined abs, increase muscle mass, and build a body women find attractive.

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