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lose love handles

Building fat loss muscle will naturally increase metabolism

Lose love handles with a comprehensive program to burn belly fat and gain muscle mass. To get rid of love handles, you must commit to a solid nutrition plan and consistent muscle mass workouts.

Losing love handles and eliminating belly fat are important for two reasons...

One, male belly fat has become a critical health issue. There is too much direct evidence connected to it and things like Type II diabetes, heart disease, and some forms of cancer.

Secondly, love handles and a soft-looking physique are a turn-off for today's woman. When they see a guy who looks unathletic, they start making judgments like: "No ambition", "No self-discipline", "Nothing sexy about that slob."

I realize those perceptions are unfair, but that is THEIR reality and if you are going to do well with chicks, you better understand where they are coming from.

You can lose love handles with a commitment to smart food choices and intelligent workouts

lose love handles Getting rid of love handles starts with YOU making a commitment to know exactly what you are putting in your mouth each meal. There can be NO MORE mindless eating.

* Commitment 1: You will understand how food affects your body and start making good food choices. From now on your will be eating to build muscle.

* Commitment 2: You will understand that men's fat loss can ONLY occur with a protracted calorie deficit. You must know how many calories are required to maintain your present weight, then burn more than you take in.

* Commitment 3: You must commit to patience. It took several years for you to get out of shape. There is NO shortcut to lose love handles and build lean muscle tissue. Crash diets, expensive (worthless) supplements, and phony high-tech workouts will only set you back money and time. You will set goals for 6-months, 12-months, and 18-months.

* Commitment 4: You must commit to consistent and regular workouts that include both weight training and structured cardio. Perhaps the best program for guys who are hesitant about immediately getting a gym membership is Craig Ballantyne's Turbulence Training. You can begin with body-weight exercises right in your own home.

* Commitment 5: You will commit to KNOWING what emotions, situations, and behaviors sabotage your fat loss and muscle building efforts. Stay away from sugar and processed foods. Give up nights guzzling pitchers and pizza with your buddies while you watch an NFL game. Actually, it is much better for you to adopt the attitude that your will begin training like an athlete instead of just watching them.

You can lose love handles with a proven program of fat loss and muscle building

burn the fat feed the muscle to lose love handles

Tom Venuto's Burn The Fat - Feed The Muscle program is the best-selling program on the Internet. He has helped 1000's of guys lose love handles, get rid of beer bellies, and build a body women admire.

* Tom's program will teach you how to create a calorie deficit without idiotic starvation dieting or insane commando workouts.

* You will be expected to become an expert on YOUR body, your caloric needs, and your long range goals.

* You will be accountable for making intelligent food choices and knowing what foods are detrimental to building muscle mass and burning belly fat.

* You will be expected to following a consistent exercise program that will teach you to build lean muscle mass.

* You will be expected to have the backbone to adhere to a simple cardio program and eventually build into a program emphasizing interval training.

If you want to lose love handles and build the lean, athletic, Hollywood-looking body women of today see as the ideal, Tom Venuto's Burn The Fat - Feed The Muscle can help you reach your goals.

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