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Men's fat loss is a huge health topic these days. And why not? Male belly fat is not only a detriment to your health, it is also a turn-off to women. Guys who need to lose belly fat are looking for the best fat loss workout and ways to naturally increase metabolism.

The mirror doesn't lie. You know if your torso is looking smoother instead of cut, and if your pants size has been increasing. You know if you are seeing love handles sitting at your belt line.

Male belly fat is a legit concern because it is directly associated with serious health issues like Type II diabetes, heart disease, insulin resistance, strokes, hypertension, problems in the bedroom, and now...some forms of cancer at early ages.

To compound matters, women see flabby guys as wimps. I'm serious. They associate men's belly fat with a nonexistent self-discipline, a lack of motivation and follow-through, and outright laziness. You could be bringing in $150K per year...but they see that as "luck."

It is no secret that women are drawn to guys with the "lean Hollywood look" that are trim, defined, and look like an athlete. To them, this means...high-energy, a guy who is "all-male" and does exciting activities...and a guy who can last all night.

Some solid tips for men's fat loss

Get Real: Your frat house days are over. You've got a job, bills, and adult responsibilities now. Hanging out with the guys and ambushing a few buckets of wings and a couple of pitchers while watching NFL games doesn't benefit you much at all. It is time to learn what activities and behaviors sabotage your goals for a healthy body and one women admire. You understand office politics, email attachments, and mortgages that are now need to understand how you undermine your physique.

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Pay attention to what you put in your mouth: You know the difference between an apple and a doughnut. Pick the best food in every situation that will advance your health and reduce belly fat. Fresh fruits, vegetables, lean meats, and water will make up close to 100% of your choices. (Saturated fats, simple carbs, and desserts are NOT part of these choices.)

Cut out liquids that increase belly fat: Right now, start reducing your intake of beer, coffee, pop (yes, even diet pop), and sports drinks/fruit juices that are loaded with sugar. Start increasing your hydration by drinking more water instead.

Cut out fast food and fried foods: There is no place for Whoppers, Big Macs or fries in a men's fat loss plan. Yeah...I like them, too...but I've been able to cut back to about one every six months. Those things really sabotage your goals of gaining lean muscle mass.

Move more: Get off the couch, get away from the TV and start getting some regular physical activity. By regular, I don't mean each Saturday. I mean everyday...for about 30-40 minutes. If you have not been doing anything but eating in your down time, you will have to take it slow. Get checked out by your physician and just start a minimal program of walking for a continuous amount of time. After a few months, you can add in jogging...and in a year you'll probably be running the entire way, with interval workouts.

Start lifting weights A solid men's fat loss program will include a three prong attack (1)Reducing the amount of calories you eat, (2) Doing some sort of cardio program for 30-40 minutes daily, (3) and lifting weights to build lean musle mass that will increase your metabolism naturally. Talk to your doctor about starting a program to gain muscle mass and burn belly fat.

Get a good night's sleep: Sleep has as much to do with men's fat loss as activity. Stop staying up watching TV or hanging out with your friends until late. Start getting to bed earlier.

The best program we have found for men's fat loss

tom venuto has the best program for mens fat loss If there is one program we would hands-down recommend for guys who need to lose belly fat and speed up their metabolism naturally, it would be Tom Venuto's Burn The Fat - Feed The Muscle.

Tom is a natural bodybuilder (no steroids) with a degree in Exercise Science who makes his living as an author, freelance writer, and fitness speaker. His program has helped thousands of men get rid of male belly fat and build solid muscle.

* Tom's program focuses on you making smart choices about what foods to eat, how you do cardio, and muscle mass workouts to naturally increase metabolism.

* You will be expected to understand how food choices, intelligent cardio, and weight training effect your body...and most importantly...the behaviors that sabotage fat loss.

* You will be expected to approach your food choices and workouts with the awareness and attitude of an Olympic athlete, or an NFL player in off-season training.

* You will be expected to understand that men's fat loss and muscle building is progressive. It will not happen in three weeks. It took you several years to put on flab, it will take some time to burn it off.

Burn The Fat - Feed The Muscle is a sensible program to lose male belly fat. It will cost you about the same amount of money as two pitchers, wings, and an extra-large pizza.

Think back to the last time you felt embarrassed about taking off your shirt in front of a group of women. What would it feel like a year from now if you looked taut, strong, and lean? Tom's program can help get you there.

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