Beginner Weight Training

Can you really get big fast? What works for hardgainers?

Beginner weight training advice can contain a lot of nonsense. Weight training for beginners is much more successful with a proven program.

When guys start a weight lifting program, they usually have two main goals: build arm muscles and get big fast.

They want to know what "secret supplements" to take and the benefits of protein shakes.

When it comes to working out, a weightlifting beginner often gets convoluted, conflicting...and just plain idiotic advice from older acquaintances, stronger looking guys at the gym, and worst of all...slick muscle magazines.

The biggest gains you will ever make occur in the first 6-9 months when you first start training. From there, a lot of guys plateau or stall. You don't want this to be you.

Putting on rock-hard muscle helps your performance in athletics, elevates your stature in your peer group, and draws girls to you. The more you can prolong your muscle mass gains (without putting on fat) the more success you will see in all three of those areas.

The best proven beginner weight training program is readily available

best beginner weight training program

In our opinion, the best weight training beginner's program is The Truth About Building Muscle, by hardgainer expert, Sean Nalewanyj.

Starting when he was 17...with a weight set purchased from SEARS...Sean was intent on changing from a skinny, geeky, non-athletic bookworm who girls wouldn't even bother to comment a tightly-muscled specimen who would command attention.

Sadly, it didn't start very smoothly at all. Sean jumped from one muscle building program to another, spent all his money on expensive and worthless "secret supplements" that promised him huge gains, and in the end...actually looked like he'd gotten smaller!

Instead of giving up, he demonstrated some toughness by researching all he could about how "hardgainers" can build muscle density.

He read research reports, contacted leading experts, examined dietary and nutritional studies, and found there was a lot nonsense surrounding the successful away to build bigger muscles.

In the end, he followed his own program that he later turned into The Truth About Building Muscle.

What is so valuable about Sean's beginner weight training program?

best beginner weight training plan * This is a proven program written directly for hardgainers.

* You will learn first the distractions that sabotage muscular gains.

* Sean provides a step-by-step guide so there is NO guessing.

* You will do three intense workouts per week. (About and hour.)

* You will be given 3 different 8-week training cycles.

* Your workouts will focus on compound, multi-joint exercises.

* You will learn how to construct a successful full-body workout.

* You will learn the huge differences between real weights and machines.

* You will learn about eating to build muscle.

* You will NOT rely on worthless and expensive supplements.

* You will learn what and WHEN to eat.

It's critical for a beginner weight training program to provide you proven and accurate information for making muscular gains. Sean's program delivers. You will even learn how to anticipate and negotiate plateaus and stalls.

You can build bigger muscles, rock-hard dense muscles without putting on fat. It just won't be fast like so many phony websites hype. However, you will build a body that is much stronger and one women will find desirable.

Optimum Anabolics - The best hardgainer program for experienced lifters

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