Get Big Fast!

Get big muscles with thick protein shakes

Get big fast! Get big muscles! You can do it with just a few simple exercises and lots of protein shakes...according to the hype here on the Internet. However, you will also put on belly fat. Is this what you really want?

Stop and think about it. When you say, "I want to get big quick" you mean you want to put on weight anywhere...or do you mean you want to build muscle fast?

These are two different things. Way different.

I see new guys at my gym struggling to increase both their size and the amount of weight they are lifting. Somewhere along the line, some guy who is stronger looking (or of the personal trainers with a high school education and a 2-day certification) mentions supplementing with protein shakes.

Bam! The light goes on.

I see these guys 3 or 4 months later and they have really put on the weight...not the MUSCLE...the WEIGHT. Their arms are bigger, sure...but so is their waist, their butt, their thighs...and even their face.

Yes, they are lifting more and they are definitely stronger...but they have started a cycle that's going to catch up with them and have a negative impact, both health wise and with the ladies.

You can get big fast..but you CANNOT build muscle fast

get big fast Before you read any farther, you need to start thinking exactly how you want to look. If you want to look huge and smooth, with some good size, but carrying some belly fat...that's fine. There is nothing wrong with looking like a powerlifter or an NFL offensive lineman. Both types of guys are stronger than SUV's.

But, if you want to look muscular, dense, and say an Olympic decathlete, or an NFL safety or will need to take on an entirely different mindset.

Instead of telling yourself, "I want to get big" need to start telling yourself, "I want to get muscular."

Getting big fast doesn't take much sense, go to your workouts, eat way more than you burn, don't do a bit of cardio. You can slosh down a couple of protein shakes a day to elevate your calorie intake. Just remember...a calorie that is not burned is stored as FAT.

Professional and Olympic athletes make their livelihood with their bodies. They are constantly looking for ways to get bigger, get stronger, get faster...and burn belly fat. Guys who play in the NFL need to have rock hard muscle and they will do what it takes in the offseason to do it.

However, they are NOT looking to get big fast. They want to gain muscle mass without the threat to put on belly fat. Their nutritional plan means eating to build muscle ...and building fat loss muscle through strength-building lifts and intense interval training.

Athletes know it is far more difficult to get into shape, than to stay in shape. The DO NOT want to get big fast.

Get big fast...Get fat fast

get big fast - get fat fast

It is easy to put on weight quickly, however it is difficult to put on muscle without hard work and patience.

* STAY AWAY from thick protein shakes. Their calorie content can become enormous. They make it easy to gain weight (and fat) because of the ease in implementation. You don't have to do a dang thing. Just gulp down a great flavored drink...and go lie down. What could be easier? This is a great way to put on fat.

* There are definite benefits of protein shakes but relying on them, instead of solid protein sources, IS NOT one of them.

* Burn this into your brain: Calories are the key. Any calorie that is NOT burned in an effort to build rock hard stored as FAT. Make good food choices. Learn all you can about a muscle building diet.

* If you want to look like an athlete, then you must start training like an athlete.

* Gaining rock solid muscle, instead of putting on belly fat, takes time and patience. A hard-training athlete can put on about 1 that...1 lb. of solid muscle PER MONTH. Since most guys do not push themselves or eat as intelligently as an athlete, it will be even more difficult.

* If you want to gain muscle mass, you need to do the weight exercises that stimulate your muscles effectively. This means you will be doing fundamental, multi-joint movements in the weight room. Your will have to do the exercises that are hard ...which most guys do not like. (Squats, deadlifts, weighted dips, weighted pull-ups, cleans, bench presses, military presses, and rows.)

* Fluff exercises like wrist curls, triceps kickbacks, concentration curls, and side bends just will NOT cut it.

We hope this article has made you pause and think about your intent to get big fast. You really don't want to put on belly fat, then work even harder to get rid of it.

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