Build Muscle Fast

Build muscle mass to burn belly fat

Build muscle fast! You see this statement marketed all over the Internet, but can you really build muscle quick? How do you build muscle fast as possible?

Sadly, this marketing ploy is responsible for taking money from more guys than we can possibly imagine. There are guys marketing muscle building programs for over $90 and they simply CANNOT deliver on their promises.

We could sell those programs on here, but the guys who come here each week for new articles would soon find a more honest site.

The only way you will build muscle as fast as possible is if you are strictly a beginner, with no weight training experience behind you at all. Think about it...if you are starting at Ground Zero on the Muscle Scale, you have no place to go but UP.

If you really want to build solid, rock hard muscle that will make your friends envious and women admire must put in time. I'm not talking about spending hours at the gym...I'm talking about regular and consistent structured muscle mass workouts over a period of months or years.

But I want to build muscle fast...I can't wait a year to 18 months to see outstanding results

build muscle fast

We understand exactly what you are saying. Guys look around at NFL players or Olympic sprinters and decathletes, and see fantastic bodies. Where they fail to connect the dots is that these guys have been training like an athlete for YEARS.

Four years of college was devoted to lifting heavy, running intense interval workouts, and eating to build muscle. Their whole mindset was geared to becoming bigger...faster...stronger.

Add in the years they have been on the Olympic Team or in the National Football League...and the hours of serious hard training and intelligent nutritional eating are further multiplied.

Here is the reality: There is NO WAY you can gain muscle mass and burn belly fat in the space of 10-12 weeks that will compare to guys who have been training hard and eating right for 5-10 years. It doesn't work that way.

We all want to build muscle fast, but reality keeps smacking us in he face. It has been documented pretty strongly that the most muscle an athlete training hard can build in a year is about 9-11 lbs. You and I could probably do a bit better...say closer to 11-13 lbs per year, but for some reason, guys just don't want to hear that.

They want to spend money on expensive (worthless) supplements, phony (worthless) exercise equipment, and hyped-up programs guaranteeing you will build muscle quick. Men spend enormous amounts of money on protein powder...quickly gain 10-15 pounds and look bigger...but fail to acknowledge the FAT they put on in the process.

You can't build muscle fast...but you can build it progressively

build muscle fast To me, if you want to see the biggest results in increased muscularity and loss of belly fat, you must workout like an athlete.

You must commit to a plan that you can faithfully follow for 24 months. What! You have got to be kidding me. Eat healthy, lift heavy, and run intensely for TWO YEARS???

Do you see why guys don't want to read any more and will immediately go to another site promising instant results?

They want incredible gains, and they want them three minutes ago...without the sweat, without the pain of running intervals, without the self-discipline needed to do lifts like squats, deadlifts, weighted pull-ups, military presses, weighted dips, and bench presses.

Here's a secret...All guys want BE rock hard and muscular, but only a few want to BECOME rock hard and muscular. All you need to do now is decide which group you are in.

You may not be able to build muscle fast, but you can build muscle progressively if you:

* Adhere to a muscle building diet.
* Concentrate on fundamental strength-building lifts in the gym.
* Start integrating interval training into your cardio.

Building rock solid muscle and burning belly fat is simple in theory, but it is not easy. If it was, every guy in town would look like an NFL free safety or an Olympic decathlete. You can do it, but you must put in the time and hard work.

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