Benefits of Protein Shakes

Eating to build muscle with protein shakes

The benefits of protein shakes as part of your diet to build muscle cannot be denied. Yet many guys, in their quest to build muscle fast, actually put on fat with protein shakes.

For some reason, when guys start lifting, they gravitate to protein shakes like they are some magic potion that will make them look like an NFL linebacker or safety.

Somewhere along the line in high school, they learned muscle cells are fueled by, when they start to work out, they want to get big fast and the "more is better" convoluted theory becomes the goal.

Sadly, protein shakes probably put on fat just as much as beer and pizza.

How can that be??? If you look on any supplement site on the Internet or go to any health food store, the guys in the picture are lean, densely muscled, and incredibly defined.

Where is the disconnect?

The benefits of protein shakes are tied to portion control

benefits of protein shakes are more pronounced with portion control

Protein shakes can be extremely beneficial if utilized moderately when eating to build muscle.

* The main problems with protein shakes is that they are so easy to use (most guys just gulp them down)...but they DO NOT satiate hunger nearly as well as solid protein sources like fish, turkey, or chicken breasts.

* The majority of guys have no concept about calories or portion control. They think this is stuff for the "girls' program."

* Six months later, they've gained a huge amount of weight, but most of it is belly fat, butt fat, and thigh fat. Trust me, you ARE NOT going to put 2" on your arms in that time, but you can easily put it on your waist.

If you've read this far, I know this is not what you want to hear.

Listen, if drinking protein shakes was the magic formula for gaining dense, rock-hard muscle mass, then everybody at the gym would look like a Greek statue. But that's not the case is it? There are some really strong guys in there, but they are carrying belly fat and don't look like the guys in the supplement ads, do they?

The true benefits of protein shakes occur when you utilize portion control.

More IS NOT better. LESS is better!

Get the benefits of protein shakes with an intelligent diet to build muscle strategy

the benefits of protein shakes come with portion control The best strategy you can use when integrating protein shakes into your workouts that build muscle is this: Make one NORMAL size protein shake each day that you workout, and drink it over the course of the entire day.

* Learn how calories work. Two big scoops of protein powder blended with milk can easily add 500 calories to your diet.

* Any calorie that is not burned, is stored as FAT. It doesn't matter if it comes from good food choices or bad ones. Extra calories are stored as fat.

* Protein is essential to build muscle, but if you overload your system with more fuel than it can burn, you will put on fat.

* You CANNOT build muscle fast. It must be built progressively.

* In order to build solid, rock-hard muscle, you must start training like an athlete

* The idea that "you'll put on a bit of fat when you are increasing size...but you can shed that later" is NONSENSE. Athletes know it is way more difficult to get in shape than to stay in shape. That's why they train to burn belly fat, NOT put it on.

* Strive to make strength increases. When your muscles are under stress from strength-building workouts and hard interval training, they have to increase in size to help you progress.

* To build muscle mass, you must adhere to an intelligent diet, you must lift heavy and lift consistently, and you must include some intense interval training in your daily cardio. Workout like an athlete.

The benefits of protein shakes will be negated if you think you can drink as many as you want. You will put on slabs of belly fat if you do not control your intake. Be smart...or you'll be fat.

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