Workouts That Build Muscle

Build hard muscle, increase definition, burn belly fat.

The best workouts that build muscle involve multi-joint exercises to gain muscle mass and burn belly fat. Intelligent eating to build muscle and interval training also play huge roles.

Guys go completely wrong when they hold an image of a professional bodybuilder as the goal to aspire to. Now, that's great if you are interested in competing at that level, but 99% of the men who want to build hard muscle do NOT have that goal.

Here's a fact that will help with getting a realistic view of working out to increase your muscle mass: Women want guys who are lean, have definition, and look like an athlete. They do NOT like the steroid-intensive look of professional bodybuilders.

Chicks admire guys who look like 400 meter runners, decathletes, swimmers, and soccer players. Normal guys who have a muscular torso, no belly fat, and strong legs. They are not over-developed, yet their builds set them apart from the mainstream males.

The best workouts that build muscle also increase strength and burn belly fat

workouts that build muscle include eating right * If you are to become as muscular as you can be, you must adopt the mindset that you will train/workout like an athlete. This means you will make intelligent food choices, you will only use strength-building multi-joint lifts, and you will integrate interval training into your cardio sessions.

* Multi-joint exercises include squats, deadlifts, bench presses, rowing, pulldowns, military presses, pull-ups, and dips. (They DO NOT include wrist curls, triceps extensions, leg extensions, lateral raises, or any fruity-looking exercise where you put one toe on a Swiss Ball.)

* One exception: Do some curls. Everybody likes them and they increase the size of your biceps, just don't spend more that 2-4 sets on them. (Use a barbell/EZ-curl bar.)

* Your workouts must be purposeful and intense. Don't spend more than 45-50 minutes in the weight room and do not work to exhaustion.

* Burn it in your mind that hard-training athletes can ONLY gain about 11-14 lbs of rock solid muscle in a 12-month period. DO NOT eat carelessly and put on fat. If you can gain 30 lbs of muscle in a 3-year period, while maintaining will look like Hercules.

* Workouts that build muscle are constantly evolving. They must be changed about every 4 weeks. DO NOT start adding sets, keep your workouts at 45-50 minutes, tops.

* Read all you can about interval training and integrate it into your weekly routine. How do you think Olympic athletes and NFL skill players look so cut? They run...and they run in bursts. It is the best way to burn belly fat and gain muscle mass.

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