The Best Muscle Building Workout

Lose male belly fat with muscle mass workouts

Looking for the best muscle building workout or the best way to gain muscle? Despite all the hype, there is NO one way to design a muscle mass workout.

Why? Because we all have different genetics that cause us to gain lean muscle, put on fat, increase definition, or build muscular density at different paces.

I know this is frustrating for most guys to hear, because when we make up our minds to commit to building solid, hard muscle, we want to know the exact path to take.

The good thing is, you have the rest of your life to experiment, within the confines of reasonable guidelines, to find out what works best for you.

In this short article, we'll try to give you solid guidelines for the best way to gain muscle. Please understand, though, NOBODY can give you the one, singular best muscle building workout.

The best muscle building workout will also help you get rid of male belly fat

best muscle building workout will help with male fat loss

One of the hardest things about finding the best way to gain muscle is sifting through all of the nonsense. It is especially pervasive at the local gym where guys with incredible genetics (or those using steroids) dispense workout advice with an authoritative air. Add in the personal trainers..many with just a high school diploma, no college anatomy/exercise physiology classes, and a two-day certification program...and you can really feel confused.

* A legit program to build hard, dense muscle will focus on making quality food choices that include solid protein sources.

* A legit program will NOT rely on expensive (and mostly worthless) techno-sounding supplements.

* A legit program will focus on multi-joint lifts that are straight-forward, focus on building strength, and do not require special set-ups. They will rarely, if ever, contain isolation type exercises (Concentration Curls, Triceps Kickbacks.)

* The best muscle building workout will NOT parallel those you see in muscle magazines. (Most professional bodybuilders use steroids and their dosage is tracked by a personal physician. ANY workout they use will show an increase in dense muscle.)

* A legit program will focus on building muscle to aid fat loss and increase definition. The idea that you must get fatter to put on muscle is bull-pucky.

* A legit program will not con you into thinking you can get big fast. (Well, actually you can...but a lot of it will be fat.)

* A legit program will be progressive. It will build slowly and evolve as your strength increases. (One of the best we have found is Strong Lifts 5x5 Beginner's Program. It is free.)

* A legit program takes into account that your body will adapt to any specific routine and changes must be made to ensure continued muscular growth.

* A legit program will let you know gains are progressive. Burn this into your brain: You CANNOT build muscle fast. It has been well-documented that hard-training athletes can only put on about 10-12 lbs of solid, hard muscle in a 12-month period. (A raw beginner will naturally put on more, but after two years of steady training, those gains will get tougher.)

As much as we want one, there is NO one best muscle building workout. This doesn't mean you should just give up and hop from program to program as your body adapts. You must always remain true to the fundamentals of diet, multi-joint lifts, and interval training for your cardio.

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