Benefits Of Jumping Rope

You can burn belly fat by jumping rope for exercise

The benefits of jumping rope go beyond a great way to burn belly fat. Jumping rope to lose weight and eliminate belly fat will also make you far more attractive to women.

Boxers, wrestlers, professional soccer, NBA, and NFL players all jump rope. Why? Because it's an activity that can enhance coordination, timing, agility, and spatial awareness as well blow torching calories.

Professional athletes take care of their bodies like a senator takes care of generous donors.

Their ability to land a guaranteed multi-year contract worth tens of $1,000,000's of dollars depends on them being at the peak of their skill level and conditioning.

For an investment of under $20, you can purchase the best jump rope available...the Everlast Weighted Leather Jump Rope...and be on your way to greater fitness, learning new skills, and burning belly fat to become more lean and defined.

The benefits of jumping rope include becoming more attractive to women

the benefits of jumping rope include burning belly fat and becoming more attractive to women

* It is pretty well-documented that women like guys who look lean, muscular, and defined. Jumping rope can get you there.

* You can burn 250-500 calories in a 30-minute jump rope workout.

* Jumping rope is one of the most comprehensive forms of body-weight exercise you can do.

* An immediate benefit to jumping rope is that it is easy to learn.

* There are movements and patterns for all ability levels.

* Jumping rope for exercise is actually fun because you are continually changing patterns.

* The variety of jumps and movements progressively forces you to the next skill level as your endurance and coordination increase.

* You can accelerate your heart-rate and obliterate calories without the high-impact stress of running.

* You can easily design interval-training routines that will allow you to workout like an athlete when you want to cutback on your sprinting.

* Jumping rope is a great warm-up and cool-down from both weight training and running intervals.

* To top things off, one of the benefits of jumping rope is that your "equipment" is easily packed when traveling. You can get a great workout on the road with a solid pair of push up bars and a jump rope.

You can't go wrong with jumping rope to lose weight and burn belly fat. If you adhere to a muscle building diet and add in a progressive jumping routine, you can achieve a body that women will admire and want to touch.

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