Discover How To Get Hollywood Abs

how to get hollywood abs

The Visual Impact Muscle Building course is the ONLY program specifically geared to get Hollywood Abs.

Discover how to get Hollywood abs with Rusty Moore's underground best-selling program. Say goodbye to male belly fat and get the "lean Hollywood look" that women admire in a man.

Let's face facts: Male belly fat is a sexual turn-off to chicks. When they see a guy with squashy-looking flab on their abs, and poor muscle tone in general, their desire to hook-up heads south real quick.

To make things worse, male belly fat makes you predisposed to health issues that can dog you the rest of your life. Do you really want to deal with erectile dysfunction, high blood pressure, insulin resistance, and contracting Type 2 diabetes, once you pass 30?

Today's woman has definite ideas about how they want a man to look. They can call-up perfect images on their iPhone or iPad of athletes and actors who are muscular, lean, and look tight as a buggy whip.

It's called the "Lean Hollywood Look" and Rusty Moore is the only guy on the planet with a course exclusively dedicated to getting that ripped look.

I say Visual Impact Muscle Building is an "underground best-seller" because it is only purchased by guys who understand what it takes to get Hollywood abs. Guys who believe in a quick-fix will stay away from it...and not make a bit of progress.

Rusty's course is NOT some hokey "Get Ripped in 3 Weeks" nonsense. (Does anybody really believe you can put on abdominal fat for 5-10 years...then get rid of it in only three weeks???)

purchase visual impact muscle building course for hollywood abs

How To Get Hollywood Abs - Visual Impact Muscle

now you can learn how to get hollywood abs

* Rusty's Visual Impact Muscle Building is broken into three 8-week training segments.

* Training is periodized. One segment builds on the other and there are changes in the volume of training you will be doing.

* You can use free weights, machines, or even body weight resistance for your workouts.

* Rusty's course is NOT about adding blocky-looking mass. It is about building more lean muscle tissue and eliminating sloppy body fat to become more muscular.

* You will be expected to start eating more like an athlete, instead of a frat boy.

* You will train like an athlete, with strength building and interval training as the cornerstones of your workouts.

There is nothing harsh or over-the-top about Rusty's Visual Impact Muscle Building protocol, but you must stay focused because workouts are brief, but intense. This is the same way Olympic athletes or guys in the NFL train.

His course ranks in the Top 1% of sales online. It has helped thousands of guys change the way they look. Hundreds more order it each week as reviews become more prominent on blogs and FaceBook.

There is no reason for you to look soft and unathletic. You can become cut, look more muscular, and learn how to get Hollywood abs

discover how to get hollywood abs and look more cut

Get started now! You too can have ripped Hollywood abs

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