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Burn belly fat with a proven program of optimal nutrition and strength building workouts

Rock hard abs or defined abs? Which do you really want? Actually you can have both with conscious eating and purposeful workouts.

It doesn't take a lot to get a set of abs that are both rock-strong and athletically functional. Six months of ab-specific exercises will easily do it.

But, if you ever want chicks to see them, you'll have to follow some focused strategies.

you can get rock hard abs

* #1 is that you must change your diet to produce a weekly calorie deficit.

* When you burn more calories than you take in, you will burn ab fat.

* One of your biggest challenges will be to get rid of food sources that taste great, but have almost zero nutritional value. (Pop, desserts, ice cream, get the idea.)

* Another challenge will be losing size. When some guys start dropping body fat and getting more lean, they start to panic.

* Searching endlessly for the best ab workouts for men is useless. Your workouts must be progressive and ever-changing.

* You get defined abs from a combination of good food choices and structured workouts.

* Forget about overloading your workouts with ab-centered exercises, focus on fundamental, strength-building movements that increase lean muscle mass. These will increase your metabolism naturally.

Two of the best proven programs for getting rock hard defined abs are The Truth About Six Pack Abs and the P90X Extreme Home Workout Program

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