The Best Ab Workouts For Men

the best ab workouts for men include diet, strength training, and interval training

To burn belly fat you must establish a calorie deficit

The best ab workouts for men are actually comprehensive rather than specific. In order to burn belly fat and build lean muscle, guys must focus on diet, strength training, and interval training workouts.

If you came here looking for specific ab exercises to get rid of male belly fat and lose love handles, I apologize.

This site deals in reality. We are not here to compound nonsense and take your time or money for phony ab defining programs.

Stop for a minute and think...Who has the most defined abs on the planet?

It's Olympic athletes that compete in the sprints/hurdles/decathlon, professional soccer players, and NFL skill players like wide receivers and defensive backs.

Do you know why?

It is because their workouts DO NOT focus specifically on ab exercises. Their programs center on a diet to build lean muscle, strength training with weights to make it rock hard, and interval workouts to extend their fat burning metabolism.

The best ab workouts for men are comprehensive

the best ab workouts for men focus on solid nutrition, strength building lifts in the weight room, and intelligen interval training Here's the reality: The best ab exercises start in the kitchen...and progress to the weight room and track from there.

* The only way to burn belly fat so that you can see your abdominal muscles is to establish a slight calorie deficit, week after week.

* It is NOT reality to think you can continue with your present diet and get ripped abs. If that was true, you'd not be here now.

* Olympic and professional athletes know what foods help them build lean muscle mass, and what foods go directly to put fat on their waist.

* Athletes utilize ab workouts to strengthen their core to help them execute specialized skills and prevent injuries, NOT in an attempt to burn belly fat.

* Whole-body workouts centering on basic compound-joint lifts are the best for building strength and lean muscle mass.

* Athletes work tremendously hard for 45-60 minutes each workout in order to gain one pound of rock solid muscle...per month.

* You CANNOT burn belly fat the way you need to by jogging mindlessly before dawn or reading a book while you trot on a treadmill at the gym. You must integrate interval training in order to ratchet-up your metabolism.

Getting rock hard abs is one thing. Being able to see them requires specific strategies.

The best proven plan to design ab workouts for men

the truth about six pack abs is much more than a book of ab workouts for men

The Truth About Six Pack Abs looks like a book of ab workouts to help guys look more defined.

It is much more.

* Although it describes 20 high-intensity ab exercises that will help you develop iron abdominal muscles, the main benefit comes with the information on diet and strength building.

* There are eight different levels of strength training workouts to progress through, and eight different ab workouts.

* Author Mike Geary shows you how workouts evolve, to help you years from now as your strength increases and your body adapts quicker to the stresses you put on it through lifting.

* Mike's book comes in a digital format and can be downloaded immediately. He also offers a 60-day, 100% refund guarantee.

While there are NO specific ab workouts for men to burn belly fat and increase lean muscle tissue, The Truth About Six Pack Abs provides you with a proven and comprehensive program that has helped 1000's of guys get the the type of abs that women find appealing.

I hope it benefits you just as much.

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