You Can Get Ripped Abs

you can get ripped abs with a solid diet and focused strength training

A focused diet and strength training increase ab definition

The only way you can get ripped abs is through a combination of solid nutrition, strength training workouts, and intelligent cardio. However, it's worth the effort to lose belly fat, and get defined abs with a well-structured program of training.

Let's get one myth out of the way. You are NOT going to get ab definition simply by jacking up the number of crunches you do each day.

Your core will get stronger, and you will increase local muscle endurance...but until you shred the layer of body fat covering your abdominal muscles, nobody is going to see them.

It is true that great genetics play a major role in getting defined abs, but that is no reason to discount the effect of concentrating on overall development to increase ab definition.

Getting ripped abs requires you to put in some focused training and adhere to valid nutritional strategies.

You can get ripped abs by training like an athlete

get ripped abs with tom venuto's program Think about it. Who has the lean, defined physiques that women find so appealing?

Olympic athletes and professional athletes.

Why? Because they workout with only two goals in mind: eliminate belly fat and increase functional strength. They do NOT buy into the Internet hype of expensive (and worthless) high-tech sounding supplements or comfortable workouts.

* Guys like Olympic sprinter/hurdlers/decathletes, NFL wide receivers and defensive backs, and professional soccer players know they can only put on about a pound or a pound-and-a-half of rock hard muscle each month.

* They follow strict diets of fruits, vegetables, and solid protein sources (turkey. fish, chicken breasts.)

* Their workouts are intense sessions lasting 45-60 minutes, and are focused totally on increasing strength.

* Olympic and professional athletes run after most weight workouts (except squat days) and they usually have two sessions each week of intense interval training.

Getting ripped abs will definitely take time and some effort. Your training and eating habits must change, but it will be well worth it.

You can get ripped abs with a proven program

you can get ripped abs by focusing on a solid diet and strength training

The best program we have ever found for getting defined abs is Mike Geary's The Truth About Six Pack Abs.

Why? Well...take a look. Mike doesn't just talk the talk. He is a natural (non-steroid) bodybuilder with a best-selling program that has helped thousands of guys lose male belly fat and build a body women find desirable.

Mike's program is NOT one of those phony "Get ripped abs in 30 days" scams. His entire focus is you knowing exactly what you put in your mouth each time you eat, utilizing muscle mass workouts, and including interval training to burn belly fat.

Pretty much, you will be training like an Olympic decathlete/sprinter, or an NFL player in his off-season.

* You will be expected to commit to changing your eating habits and knowing exactly what kinds of food will sabotage your goal of getting increased ab definition.

* You will be expected to commit to progressive strength building workouts that will increase both your lean muscle mass and your metabolism.

* You will be expected to stay hydrated, utilize intelligent interval training for cardio, and get restful sleep.

If you are truly committed to training like an Olympic athlete or professional football player, Mike's program will benefit you.

Mike's program can help you get ripped abs, but you have to commit

get ripped abs Mike Geary's The Truth About Six Pack Abs requires a maturity towards training that forces you to develop awareness about how your body works...and what sabotages your goal to get defined abs.

* You will have to start easing away from weekend tailgating parties where beer and enormous amounts of calories are ingested during the course of a few hours.

* You will have to stop sampling all of the brownies and cookies the girls at work bake and leave in the office lounge.

* You will need to drop isolated weight training exercises like wrist curls.

* You will have to change your jogs of long slow miles to repeats of faster, more intense bursts.

* Your workouts will focus on compound-joint exercises (bench, squats, deadlift, dips, pull-ups, dumbbell presses) that build strength and lean muscle mass.

* You must be consistent and train with a goal in mind each time you enter the gym.

Strength building workouts CANNOT be put on autopilot. That's the main reason why our Olympic and professional teams have trainers in the workout room. The only way you increase your strength and muscle density is by reaching doable goals each workout.

You can get ripped abs. The formula is simple, but there is no "Easy Button" to go at it mindlessly. The Truth About Six Pack Abs will give you a solid foundation and help get you a body women find attractive.

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