Burn Ab Fat - Build Lean Muscle To Get Rid Of Male Belly Fat

You can burn ab fat by building lean muscle to increase your metabolism. Male belly fat is a turn-off to women. Burn abdominal fat with a men's fat loss program that will get defined abs.

It doesn't matter if you are 22 or 62...when a man takes off his shirt in front of women, he wants to look tight, muscular, and pulsating with energy.

By now, all of us know that women see beer bellies and love handles as a turn-off. All you have to do is watch a discussion program on The Oxygen Channel to know women find men with low body fat far more desirable than guys who look flabby and sloppy.

Women are NOT drawn to bulky, hyper-developed guys who look like they can bench press a locomotive. They are attracted to lean, symmetrical builds that show definition. (The lean Hollywood look)To them, this symbolizes energy, athleticism, and self-discipline.

When you work to burn ab fat by building lean muscle mass and making good food choices, you kill two birds with one stone. You get rid of male belly fat, and you hack out a body that makes you attractive to the female population.

Get defined abs with a comprehensive program

burn ab fat now It is a myth that you can get rid of your beer belly or lose love handles on just a diet.

Sure, you will lose 15 pounds and a couple of inches on 12 weeks of a specific diet, but then your body adapts and you hit a plateau.

* The only way to truly burn ab fat, is through a proven program that combines intelligent weight-training, intelligent cardio, and a nutritional plan that can evolve as your body seeks to adapt.

* Diet is certainly the most important leg of the triangle, but to amp-up your metabolism naturally, you must commit to integrating whole-body strength training and interval workouts.

* There is no way you can go through the same workouts, jog mindlessly for miles each day, and eat the same foods meal after meal without hitting a plateau...either mentally or physically.

* The key to losing male belly fat is through a comprehensive program, one that you can change when needed, evolves as you become stronger, and still see results.

* You must commit to learning EXACTLY how your body processes calories to build lean muscle...or store as fat on your abdominals. Making good food choices and exercising portion control will put you ahead of others.

Burn ab fat and gain lean muscle with a proven program

the truth about six pack abs will teach you to burn ab fat

The Truth About Six Pack Abs is a proven program that focuses on optimal nutrition and strength training to burn ab fat.

Mike Geary's best-selling program has helped 1000's of guys lose male belly fat and increase muscular density.

* You will learn easy metabolism-boosting techniques to burn ab fat.

* You will learn the single most important thing you must do before you even set foot in a gym or start any men's fat loss program.

* Mike's program does NOT simply focus on ab exercises. Yes, there are 20 that he promotes, but it is a myth that you can "exercise-off" belly fat.

* There are eight levels of strength building workouts and eight levels of focused ab workouts.

* Best of all, you will learn how to make fat loss permanent by using the goal-setting techniques of NFL, NBA, MLB players and the United States Olympic Team athletes.

* You can burn ab fat, build lean muscle, and make yourself way more attractive to women when you commit to a progressive program that has proven results.

The Truth About Six Pack Abs will help you lose your love handles and get rid of ab fat.

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