Adonis Effect Reviews

adonis effect reviews

Reviews of the Adonis Effect have made this proven program rock-star popular

Adonis Effect reviews have propelled Brad Howard's supercharged bodybuilding program to best-seller status. Discover how you can burn belly fat, build lean muscle...and compel people to stare.

The Adonis Effect comes at building a muscular, proportional body from both a physical and psychological standpoint. He shows you how to build a body that women are instinctively attracted to...and men admire.

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Author Brad Howard states, "Don’t COMPLAIN about how the world works… figure out the rules… and SLINGSHOT your way to the top." This forms the psychological foundation for the premise of Brads program.

He further emphasizes, "Both men and women make instant assumptions about you based on the way you look (known as value attribution)… and it’s almost impossible to change those assumptions once they are ingrained (diagnosis bias) so you might as well intercept these assumptions and control them as weapons of mass influence!”

Studies have shown that a male body that has this particular shape garners more attraction from women and more admiration and FEAR from other men."

This psychological foundation is the bedrock of Brad's body building program.

Adonis Effect Reviews - The Body Ideal

adonis effect reviews have made it a best seller

* The Adonis Effect is geared to giving men a body of ideal proportions. You only get one chance to make a first impression (on women especially) and Brad's theory for muscular development is based on getting you to your ideal.

* You determine your ideal proportions at the Adonis Effect website where you fill in your height and waist measurements.

* Some Adonis Effect reviews completely discount this calculation, but if you ever listen to women on a talk show, the two things they want in a man are...lean abs...and broad shoulders.

* Brad discusses the "Golden Halo" as it relates to building a perfectly proportional body. The way women look at a man who interests them is directly in line with Brad's assessment. The "Golden Halo" connotes the way a person carries themselves in the public eye. Women are drawn to men who are admired and quietly confident.

Adonis Effect Reviews - Getting The body

adonis effect reviews are positive and get results * The Adonis Effect combines making better food choices (i.e. eating like an athlete instead of a frat boy) with strength training.

* Brad's program is an 8-week, repeating course. (He DOES NOT scam you by saying you'll have a perfectly proportional body in just two months.)

* The Adonis Effect is divided into three different types of body building workouts. They are:

  • Burn System - get rid of male belly fat
  • Build System - creating dense and powerful muscle
  • Build and Burn System - Becoming more muscular and lean
  • * You will discover, also, how critical it is to your metabolism to stay hydrated. Water will become your preferred beverage...but wait until you see the results.

    Adonis Effect Reviews - Pros and Cons


    * Working toward ideal proportions makes workouts far more interesting.

    * No bull. The Adonis Effect tells you upfront you must workout intensely and eat like an athlete. It does NOT promise reaching proportional measurements after only 8 weeks.

    * You will learn a lot about the psychology of desires in women as they apply to what appeals to them about a man's body.

    * 1000's of other guys have gotten significant results. They've become more defined and muscular. (Many also report doing far better with women, now.)

    * 60-day, money-back guarantee.


    * This program is geared to guys 18-32...or so. (I really cannot see a retired teacher purchasing this course.)

    * It is not for everybody. Guys who lack self-discipline when it comes to making good food choices and working out consistently will fail miserably.

    I hope this has been helpful. Adonis Effect reviews should give you straight facts before you purchase it.

    adonis effect reviews for your benefit before purchase

    adonis effect reviews should be accurate

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