Advanced Muscle Building Workouts

advanced muscle building workouts

Are you an experienced hardgainer whose workouts have stalled?

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Advanced muscle building workouts are for experienced guys who have been training over three years. Are you a hardgainer who has trouble putting on lean muscle or losing the last 5lbs of belly fat?

It is tough when you start to see your gains dry up.

It can sap your motivation and make going to the weightroom seem like drudgery.

If you are an experienced lifter whose progress has stalled, just know that we have all gone through this. Plateaus are no fun, especially when they seem to last for months.

Before we go any further, I want you to know there is no "magic formula" for getting out of this funk. What works for one guy, may not work for us. Advanced workouts require even more focus on diet, as well as being even more purposeful in the gym.

Advanced muscle building workouts normally focus on staying with your fundamental lifts, decreasing sets and reps, and maybe adding another SOLID protein source to your diet. (Not a "protein shake", but an extra chicken breast or piece of fish as a late snack.)

Advanced Muscle Building Problems

advanced muscle building workouts require much more focus Problems arise when guys get so frustrated, they start listening to anyone in the gym, or go to a muscle magazine and read what the "Pros" (steroid juiced to the gills) do.

Try to stay away from nonsense like this:

* Drinking a big protein shake each morning and each evening. (You'll end up putting on fat that will be hard to get off.)

* "Shocking your system" with a 7-day blitz featuring full-body workouts with 10x10 set/rep schemes. (Just plain stupid.)

* Any kind of "blitz" focusing on one muscle group, such as the "5-day Bench Blitz" or the "5-day Curl Blitz". These are recipes for tendonitis injuries.

* Purchasing expensive "secret high-tech" supplements.

* Sitting on...or worse yet...standing on a Swiss Ball and doing heavy lifts. (There is NO REASON to EVER try a squat on a Swiss ball.)

* A totally different exercise with heavy weight or high reps. (Such as: Power Cleans or a Split Snatch if you've never included these in your previous workouts.)

Advanced muscle building workouts require some experimentation, but you do NOT need to change everything all at once. Positive change takes place over several weeks, not several workouts.

The stronger you are, the more slowly growth in strength and lean muscle will come. This is why NFL players and Olympic athletes understand that reality means they can only gain about 1 to 1-1/2 lbs of rock hard muscle in an entire month.

When I start feeling stale or notice some stalling, I come back to several weeks of this type of workout:

Day 1

Warm Up/Abs
Weighted Dips 5x3
Deadlift 3x3
Pull Ups (+10lbs) 3x8
Easy 3 mile run

Day 2

Warm Up/Abs
1 mile run warm up
8x400-500m Intervals (rest 2:00)
Easy 1 mile warm down

Day 3

Warm Up/Abs
DB Military Press 3x3
Weighted Pull Ups 5x3
Squats 2x15
Easy 3 mile run

However, just because I have had success with this does not mean anyone else will. It is just to be used as a guide for your own experiments.

A proven program for advanced muscle building workouts

a proven program for advanced muscle building workouts

Brad Pilon, the author of the hugely successful Eat Stop Eat fat loss program has now come out with a mega-selling program for advanced lifters.

His Anabolic Again Advanced Workouts is designed specifically for hardgainers who are experiencing hormonal slowdown and have stalled in their strength/lean muscle gains.

His program is ONLY for guys who have been training at least 3 years and...

* Have been using the SAME weights during their workouts.

* Have NOT gained muscle in at least a year.

* Have tried dozens of tweaks to get off the plateau.

* Have increased their calories, but only put on belly fat.

* Feel lethargic instead of jacked-up when they head to the gym.

Anabolic Again Advanced Workouts is unconventional and only geared to a small segment of guys who train.

If you have been looking for advanced muscle building workouts that get results, Brad's proven program will be worth considering.

Some readers are hesitant because of the price of Brad's program. If you would like to start with a less expensive advanced muscle building program, Jeff Anderson's Optimum Anabolics was the leader for advanced lifters before Brad's program hit the market.

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