Beginners Fat Loss Tips - Be Safe, Be Sensible

Here are some beginners fat loss tips for those just starting a fat loss program. There are really no fat loss secrets in these tips to lose belly fat. Just sensible activities.

Please understand that there are no magic programs to help you lose belly fat or lose thigh fat. It took awhile to put on that weight and it will not come off in only two weeks. That is just hype.

In order to lose weight and make fat loss permanent, you must commit to a comprehensive program that centers on making positive lifestyle changes in your nutrition, your physical activity, and your mental approach. You must understand how your body works and what food/activities will sabotage your goal of losing belly fat.

The best program we have ever found is Tom Venuto's Burn The Fat - Feed The Muscle...but maybe you feel you are not ready to take that step yet. We understand.

To get you started, we've listed some simple beginners fat loss tips that you can utilize while you decide about Tom's program.

There aren't really fat loss secrets, just sensible things to do

beginners fat loss program

* First, before you even think of doing anything...get a complete physical from your doctor. Print out this list and ask him if you are fit enough to follow it.

* Start substituting a glass of cold water for pop or coffee. It doesn't matter if you drink diet pop...start substituting a glass of cold water instead.

* After a week, start adding a glass of cold water with each meal.

* Stop eating all bad sugars. No more donuts, no more pastries, no more brownies or cookies from the office lounge, no more desserts when you eat out. Sip cold water instead.

* Add one piece of fruit to your breakfast each morning (natural, not frozen) and one vegetable to your meals the rest of the day.

* After two weeks, start eating one piece of fruit (an apple is best) before each meal. Three meals means three apples, four meals means four apples.

* After two weeks, begin the 2-20 Fitness Routine. This will mean waking up earlier and drinking 2 glasses of water, then walking for 20 minutes. You will do this three times a week at first, then each week add another day until it becomes a daily part of your lifestyle. Do some easy stretches before you start each morning. You do not have to walk like an Olympian...just walk.

increase strength in your core to burn belly fat

* Your beginners fat loss tips include core training to strengthen your abdominal muscles. During week 4, begin to add some easy bent-knee crunches/sit-ups to your morning stretching before you start walking. (This will mean getting up a few minutes earlier.)

* If you have not been doing these, 5 will be enough to start with. After you can do that many comfortably, rest for 60 seconds, then do another set of 5.

* When that becomes easy, do 10 in a row. Keep adding 5 until you can do two sets of 20.

* Now that you are working out, start adding another vegetable to each meal.

* Any snacks you take to work need to be a fruit or vegetable and half a serving of lean meat (chicken breast, turkey breast, or fish).

* Turn off the TV an hour earlier each night and read something relaxing prior to going to sleep. You'll find yourself going to bed much earlier because of the added walking and sit-ups in the morning.

Please keep in mind, these beginners fat loss tips are not meant to replace a proven program like Tom Venuto's Burn The Fat - Feed The Muscle. This is just a starting point to see where you are how you committed you feel.

Good luck! We wish you a fun and happy life without fat. You can do it! Let the beginners fat loss tips help you.

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