The Best Diet For Fat Loss

Easiest Diet For Safe Fat Loss

In our opinion, the best diet for fat loss is Eat Stop Eat by registered dietician, Brad Pilon. Why? Because it is the easiest diet to initiate and maintain for safe fat loss. The best diet for women does NOT need to be complicated.

It is no fun to feel heavy, unattractive, and discouraged about the way you look. Have you been unsuccessful in your dieting? Have you started several different ones, gotten excited at losing inches only to see your program completely stall and gain it all back? Have you been caught in the sticky web of Yo-Yo Dieting, where you lose weight, gain it back, lose weight...gain even more back?

Do you almost feel depressed when you look in the mirror...and totally out of energy just thinking about starting another diet? We understand completely, and it doesn't have to be this way ever again.

You can lose belly fat and lose thigh fat with a program that is proven and gets results.

The best diet for fat loss is simple, safe, flexible, and easy to sustain as a lifetime strategy

the best diet for fat loss is safe and sustainable All diets work...initially. Think about the times you or your friends started one of the more popular ones (Adkins, Biggest Loser, Zone, etc.) I'm sure you saw results in the first six weeks, but what happened? Your losses became tougher, then dried up altogether, right?

The majority of eating programs are too controlling, too restrictive, or too complicated. The one best diet for women is the one that gives you the best results by being the easiest to follow and giving you a comfortable way to establish a calorie deficit for safe fat loss.

(The only way to lose fat is to burn more calories than you take in, on a consistent basis...thus, a calorie deficit.)

Checkout these guidelines for safe weight loss by the Surgeon General of Michigan. Do they seem sensible to you? Us too.

Why be a slave to your diet (using a "Calorie Journal", measuring portions, figuring carb-fat-protein ratios...) when you can focus on making lifelong positive changes in your outlook on food and exercise?

Brad's program focuses on three main areas to make positive changes in your life that will result in the fat loss you are seeking. (1) Learn how your body responds to food and exercise...and establish a calorie deficit through intermittent fasting. (2) Move more. Humans weren't created to sit on a couch watching TV. You need 20-40 minutes of continuous activity each day. (3) Exercise on a regular schedule, and especially integrate weight-training in your workout routine.

The best diet for fat loss does NOT have to be harsh, complicated, or exhausting.

Are there any drawbacks or objections to Brad Pilon's program?

the best diet for fat loss is eat stop eat by brad pilon We do not want to mislead you. Although we think Eat Stop Eat is the best diet for fat loss...IT IS NOT for every woman.

* Brad's program is one of safe and progressive weight loss...about 1-2 pounds each week. It is not for women who want a crash/extreme diet to "Lose 15 pounds by next weekend."

* If you do not like to exercise regularly (and see the value of weight training to build lean muscle tissue that increases your metabolism.). If you do not like to move and would rather lose fat by taking pills (dangerous!) or using questionable supplements...this program is NOT for you.

* If you eat carelessly (and mindlessly) and refuse to learn how poor food choices and strong emotions can sabotage your program, you will fail on this diet.

* It takes awhile to get used to intermittent fasting. Do not be surprised if it takes several days or a week before you feel completely comfortable with it. (Don't worry. Brad's program is flexible and very forgiving.)

Remember, the best diet for fat loss is the one that is safe, simple, proven, and easy to you the best opportunity for a life without fat. We wish you the very best in reaching your goals.

What is the best diet for fat loss in men?

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